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33 Places To Shop For Your Kids That You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner from Buzzfeed.

"Take a break from and Amazon and check out some of these lesser-known shops:

One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead offers fun versions of everyday necessities: Bath time is more enjoyable when you're surrounded by cute artwork, chairs are cozier when they look like sharks, and car seats are 10 times as awesome if you can draw while you’re sitting in one.


Shipping: Free shipping on U.S. orders over $85.

Pricing: They offer everything from clothing to toys to decor, so there’s a huge variety of different price points, but all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee (more info here)."

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Tots in the Tub. 15 Tools and Toys for Bath Time post from features our Bath Mitts: "From bubbles to toys, we know you're dedicated to making sure that bath time is always a blast. Check out our picks for taking your next bath bash from everyday to epic: Make independent bathing a little easier by popping these fun bath mitts on your older kids, or use them as puppets to entertain the littles while you take care of the dirty work. Available at, $5.95."

Best of Baby Registry picks from The Baby Guy Gear Guide: "I thought I'd share a few of my favorite products for a #FreshBaby. Some of these are my go-to items, some are no-brainers, and a few are brand new and I've recently discovered them… One Step Ahead provides unique problem-solver products to make life easier, safer & more fun for parents, kids & families!... Sign up for their emails for exclusive offers, news and sweeps & view their latest virtual catalog for easy shopping."

Cribsie Awards: Our exclusive Sun Smarties Swim Skirt with Built-In Swim Diaper and our Prespoon won Academy Stars in the New Arrival Cribsie Awards!


Sun Smarties Swim Skirt Raves:

Ariane Goldman: "Great coverage and super thoughtful for child safety."

Melissa Keswin: "Super thoughtful item."


PreSpoon Raves:

Lindsay Pinchuk: "Great learning tool."

Stacie Billis: "Totally fresh idea."

Jamie Grayson: "Very nice little product."

Suzanne Price: "Unique and solves a problem."

Options Abound for Displaying Children’s Artwork. The Post and Courier features our Art Portfolio:


"For oversized projects and a budding professional artist, invest in a child's art portfolio and store their work like a pro ("

8 Spring Break Essentials from One Step Ahead. Savvy Sassy Moms declares: "The spring break countdown is ON! Who's counting the days until spring break? We are! If you're headed somewhere warm for spring break, or if you're lucky enough to already live in paradise, these spring break essentials from One Step Ahead are must-haves when you're making plans. Not only will they make your time in the sun much easier to manage with little ones, but these spring break essentials are all travel-friendly, making them easy to pack, to stash in your suitcase or to ship ahead of time to wherever you're spring break bound..."

One Step Ahead Kids Friendly Toddler Booster Seat BabyCenter Products & Gear Review:

"What it is: The most impressive thing about this booster seat is how adaptable it is: After using it for our 10-month-old, we removed the backrest and tray, lowered the base height, and plopped in our 3-year-old. Despite both children's mealtime squirminess, the seat stayed securely strapped. When lunch was over, we just wiped the tray, popped it off, and stuck it in the dishwasher. When the kids headed to Grandma's for the evening (thanks, Grandma!), it only took about a minute to fold down the backrest so she could carry the seat by its shoulder strap..."

BabyCenter reviews our One Step Ahead Sit N Stand EX Stroller:

"The Sit 'N Stand is a perennial bestseller because of its versatility; it's perfectly suited for two different-aged siblings, with a variety of seating positions. It fits a dozen models of infant car seats from popular makers like Britax and Graco, no adapters needed..."

BabyCenter reviews our One Step Ahead Secure Transitions Inflatable Baby Tub:

"Here's your solution for that perplexing stage when babies outgrow their infant baths but are too unstable to be safe in a full-size adult tub. Our 2-year-old tester was equally happy when we positioned this tub in our shower stall and when we placed it in our narrow claw-foot bath. Thanks to the flexible inflatable design, it wedged in easily and snugly..."

Controlling Kids Clutter post from Ahhmazing Reviews features our Sling Bookshelf with Storage Bins:

"I will complain about what to do with them all to keep them organized yet accessible. Enter the Sling Bookshelf from One Step Ahead, which we all know is a mega-awesome website that practically offers a solution for every single parenting conundrum you’ll ever come up against...I am absolutely in love with this piece and for many reasons, which I'll break down here:

It's high quality.

It looks like, and is, a real piece of furniture.

It will grow with my children.

It holds a lot...and then some more."

23 ideas for fun, educational indoor activities for preschoolers and young kids from Cool Mom Picks. Because we need all the ideas we can get!

18. Make bathtime, alphabet time. Let kids put on a bathing suit and turn the tub into a little pool, complete with goggles. Throw in some foam bath toy letters which our kids have always loved.

Momtrends Ski Guide: Gear that Grows section features our Cozy Cub Collection. "Kids grow like weeds which makes keeping them in winter gear a challenge. Fortunately, some companies like One Step Ahead make gear with expandable hems and sleeves to help winter wear to last a bit longer. Now if only they could come up with a solution for boots..."

Family road trip tips from Cool Mom Picks: Tons of sanity-savers, tricks, and essential products to keep the back seat under control and save your vacation.

2. Bring toys, and stash them where your kids can reach them. I've tried letting my kids each bring their own tote bag filled with small toys on road trips, and it's not an ideal setup. As soon as that bag falls to the floor, and the toys with it, a meltdown is imminent. Since we don't travel really often, I've looked for easy hacks to make things I already have work in the car. If you travel a lot, invest in a Backseat Entertainment Car Organizer that's designed to hold everything you could need, from wipes and DVDs to toys and water bottles. You can even personalize it with your child's name, and possibly end back-seat arguments over which snack bar belongs to which kid...

$30 or Less: Our Guide to Budget Travel Gear article from Red Tricycle. Taking little people on a trip can be a snap (we promise!) when you pack strategically... Flip through our album for travel gear, accessories and diversions that are easy on the wallet - we're talking $30 or less.

Backseat Entertainment Organizer: Grab one of these entertainment organizers and you just might say goodbye to the constant stream of requests from your road trip companions. Everything is at their fingertips, from drinks to snacks to tech gear to wipes. Feel free to personalize each unit and avoid the backseat bickering.

Make Bath Time Fun With These Products | Rachel's Haul | ULIVE features our Turtle Bathtub Faucet Cover.

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Moms Gear Syndicated Cozy Cub Review. "The Cozy Cub Thinsulate coats available through OneStepAhead come with a variety of matching accessories, including fleece attachable jackets, hats, mittens, boots and snow pants. The company's parka is especially well-designed, offering thigh-length coverage and numerous, thoughtful features..."

View on sites such as , The Fresno Bee , San Luis Obispo The Tribune

Rachel's Haul/ULIVE: Must-Have Products For Baby & Childproofing Your Home. "Having a safe home is important for your children. Rachel shows the best products to baby and child-proof your home to keep your little ones safe. Features our Corner Cushions Furniture Edge Cushions."

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"The Mommyhood Chroncicles review of our "Cozy Cub collection. This is the ideal winter jacket and is made for boys and girls. This jacket allows your kid the qualities of quality, warmth, and technology! They use only premium materials, including a rugged, waterproof nylon shell, high-tech Thinsulate(TM) core for non-bulky warmth, and superior YKK zipper. There is a 2 inch hem that is added to the cuffs to your children can grow with the jacket."

My Boys & Their Toys' Review of our Cozy Cub collection. "...The Thinsulate Jacket is full of cool features like hidden pockets inside the jacket for lip balm, a child ID, tissues and name patch. Made of a waterproof nylon material, the Thinsulate Jacket not only protects, but keeps kids warm without being bulky."

Celebrity Baby Trends' Snow Day review and giveaway 1/21/15 features our Sno Markers, Snowball Maker, and Zipfy Sled.

Cozy Cub Collection review on the Daily Buzz Mom-Approved nationally syndicated segment.

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12 Halloween Costumes That Morph to Year-Round Dress-Up. Working Mother Magazine Online recommends our Cuddly Lion, Charmed Witch + Broom, Roscoe the Robot and Dorothy and Toto costumes. "It's that time of year again, when all kid and mom attention veers toward the all-important Halloween garb. If you don't think you're crafty enough to tackle a DIY project to turn your wee one into an elf, fairy or pumpkin--or your child has outgrown the ghost-from-an-old-sheet trick--you're in luck. Adorable pre-made costumes with staying power abound?"

Oink oink: Squiggly Piggly costume review from our friends at "Most parents have heard of One Step Ahead. It is basically the mecca of super innovative, super cool kid and baby items. If you have a need, One Step Ahead most likely carries a product that is the solution. Halloween costumes are no exception!

"This pig costume really could not be any more adorable! My daughter gets super excited every time that I put this costume on her and seems as though she could wear it for hours...Ready to shout "hallelujah". Parents, getting a wiggly kid into a tight fitting costume can make you look like you just did a one-hour hot yoga class. Not the case here! The wide opening in the back of the body piece makes getting it on very simple, but the best part is that this entire costume stays on thanks to velcro closures! Did you read that? NO-SNAPS! Can I get an amen?!?" Halloween review and giveaway. "...I've been a fan of One Step Ahead for several years, and always look forward to their Halloween catalogue (my now-six-year-old wore their Jr. Physician Costume for Halloween when she was two, and we still use the costume for dress-up play). I love that One Step Ahead's costumes are well made and comfortable, making them great for trick-or-treating but also a lasting part of your family's make-believe collection..."

Halloween Fun! Our friends at Having Fun Saving review of our Tower Princess costume. "...It has a velvet, lace-up bodice and flouncy hoop skirt, it is a vision of lace, gold, and pearls. I like the the lace-up bodice can easily be adjusted--in case she wants it looser...

...Sadie has never worn a wig before and I wasn't sure if she would like it or if it would bother her, but she loved it! It was very easy to put on and it actually stayed in place while she ran around the house and spun in her pretty dress to show it off to my husband and son...

...If you are looking for an adorable costume for Halloween, I strongly recommend the options that One Step Ahead has—they aren't the ones that you will see in the mass-market stores. It's FUN to have something super special for your little one..."

Halloween Review of our Darth Vadercostume & accessories from our friends at "...While I know that One Step Ahead offers a ton of different things for kids of many different ages, I was unaware that they also had Halloween Costumes...

...When the costume arrived, I found that it was well constructed and I loved how it fit for my daughter, She loved the breathing device and how the whole costume came together to to make a perfect Darth Vader...

...There are so many cute costumes that One Step Ahead offers. Check them out and let me know what you you would pick for your kids..."

Bug Smarties review. Daily Mom claims, "It just got easier to keep your kids free from insect bites this summer. One Step Ahead has taken a revolutionary step with a new line of children's apparel and gear called Bug Smarties. These adorable clothes and accessories will keep your kids comfortable and give you the peace of mind that your children are safe from bugs..." 5-Star editor review of our Stay-Put Foam Booster. "At first this booster seat seems too basic to be of note. But once you get your hands on the Stay-Put, you realize its simplicity is its strength. The soft, comfy foam is contoured just enough to perfectly hold little fannies and thighs. As lightweight as the seat is, it's sturdy..." 4-Star editor review of our Folding Potty Seat With Handles. "This potty seat takes the ick factor out of using a public restroom with a potty-training child... The seat gives your child a clean surface to sit on and handles to hold for more stability. When your child is done, the potty seat folds flat and slips into a carrying case for easy storage and portability."

The Mommyhood Chronicles' Halloween Review. "I absolutely love One Step Ahead! They are my one stop shopping for everything for my kids..."

"The angel costume features a satin gown, shimmering wings, halo headband, and non-skid booties. This costume is ideal for babies 6-12 months! While this outfit is purely adorable, the best part is, is it is only $16! You can't beat that!"

"Your little lamb will look so precious (and stay so cozy!) in this storybook-perfect baby sheep costume. Wonderful quality: plushy on the outside, silky on the inside. Baby lamb jumpsuit is fleecy and soft, with a satiny tummy, jaunty bow, and stuffed tail, plus snap legs for easy diaper changes."

Keep Cozy this Season. Our friends at Having Fun Saving give our Cozy Cub collection a review. "I love One Step Ahead. They make clothes (and LOTS more) that are designed with kids and parents in mind... The first thing Sadie and I noticed was that the jacket was surprising light and soft. We both fully expected it to be heavy and bulky. In fact, Sadie calls it her "comfy" jacket... The pieces in the collection are loaded with clever design details and they are made for kid-friendly dressing..." "You may have seen women athletes wear similar ponytail hats; now our little ones can too! The One Step Ahead innovative sweater hat has a slit in back, so you can easily pull her ponytail through. No more poorly-fitting hats, no more styling our girls' hair around a hat! This one is also Machine washable...""

Look What Mom Found! Halloween Costumes from One Step Ahead. "Dorothy and Toto (in a basket) arrived and the costume was instantly put on. In fact it was worn all weekend... One Step Ahead has a wide selection of costumes and accessories of all kinds for kids of all ages. Find not just your child's must have costume but also grab a great treat bag that is just theirs for many years to come. These treat bags are plush, sturdy and festive for a fun Halloween season. They'll look forward to their bag every year even when the costumes changes..."

10 Darling Infant Costumes from One Step Ahead, from "One Step Ahead's slate of quality Halloween costumes are a step above what you'll find in Halloween superstores. Constructed of comfy fabrics like chenille, plush and velour, they're as cozy to wear as a baby's soft skin deserves..."

Be prepared. Pregnancy & Newborn's Fall Buyers Guide features our Large Smart Guard Medicine. Keep your bundle healthy and secure with the aid of these wellness and babyproofing musts.

The Best Back-To-School Products For Your Kids! Rachel's Haul on ULIVE Family Channel/Scripps Network Family showcases our exclusive Reusable Snack Bags as a top essential!

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How to Choose A Backpack.'s nifty video features our exclusive PreSchool Backpack.

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Summer Safety & Fun! Nashville Parent Magazine gives a shout out to our Bug Smarties collection! "Protect your little kids from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers and more with this innovative clothing line from One Step Ahead and Insect Shield. Tested, proven and EPA registered, items include headbands, hoodies, long sleeve crew necks and roll-up pants in sizes 2T — 8. The first of its kind, repellent is bonded to the fabric and will last through 70 washes."

14 Awesome Car Gadgets for Moms from "There are some pretty awesome gadgets on the market today with a specific goal: to make our lives on the road EASIER. (Hooray!)"

"No matter how hard I try, I can't get my daughter to stop putting her feet on the back of my seat. So instead of yelling and fighting every day, I've installed seat-back protectors! Now I don't have to cry over dirty leather seats every other day nor nag about keeping them clean!"

Clothing offers protection against bugs, insects: Bug Smarties. "One Step Ahead now offers insect repellent apparel, including long-sleeve hoodies, under the product name Bug Smarties. The garments use the insect repellent Permethrin to protect children against ants, chiggers, midges, flies, mosquitoes and ticks…When our hoodies arrived, we expected them to be stiff from use of the bug repellent, but found them instead to be incredibly soft at 100 percent cotton. The hem also drops below the waistline, offering extra coverage around the waist, and a pocket across the front provides convenient room for storage or a place to put both hands. To top it off, they were effective at keeping mosquitoes away from my kids, although bug spray was still needed for exposed areas."

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Our friends at review our cute Anna costume for Halloween!

Brilliant Brands Create Smart Parent Products featuring our exclusive Closet Organizer. To help parents stay organized and fashionable, while keeping their tots safe and clean, Celebrity Baby Trends brings you some of the smartest products around!

Days of the Week Closet Organizer - With school back in session, you can make your life as a parent easier while helping your little one become an independent dresser. Simply organize the upcoming week’s wardrobe in advance with this One Step Ahead Days of the Week Closet Organizer.

Gear that smooths the road for family travel! The Boston Globe showcases our, Toy Buddy Tether (designed by OSA). "Some families love to simplify and unplug on their summer adventures. Other families, like ours, embrace new toys and welcome any device or doodad that makes life easier. These gadgets and gear can help make your journeys safer, more convenient and more fun?"

"Little kids drop things - it's part of developing those motor skills - but those things don’t have to end up on the ground, especially in places where the Three-Second Rule is best not followed. One Step Ahead's Toy Buddy Tether will help keep your infant's favorite items from hitting the floor. The simple yet ingenious gizmo has a suction cup at one end for affixing to a table, high chair, or the back of an airline seat, for instance, and then two rubber straps with loops on the other end to which you can attach two toys using plastic links. Swap out the suction cup strap with another strap that can attach to a stroller or car seat. $14.95. 888-557-3851,"

Here's Looking At You Kid. Settle into new routines while keeping a mindful eye on your prize. Showcasing My First Keys.

17 Sweet Water Toys & Swim Essentials! "Do your kids love water play? H2-Oh, yeah! Whether you have a sprinkler dabbler or a bona fide pool shark, it's time to amp up summer fun with the right water toys and gear!

Fire Hose Nozzle Water Blaster: Play firefighter with this hose attachment that blasts water at varying pressures. A little spray if you want to get refreshed—a full-on stream if you want immediate heat rescue! Available online at, $9.95."

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Life's a Beach: 9 Nifty products for a Sandy Day. recommends our 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier and Sun Smarties Surf Shirts.

SnazzyBaby 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier: The 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier is designed to let you wear your child as you wade through the waves. It's saltwater- and chlorine-resistant and quick-drying, and it also functions as a portable strap-on high chair, making it a great multi-purpose travel item. $80,

Sun Smarties UV Swimwear: One souvenir you don't want to bring home from the beach? A sunburn. This silky UPF 50+ clothing is quick-drying and offers an extra layer of UV protection. It comes in long-sleeve and short-sleeve swim shirts for boys and girls, and a bodysuit for babies. $25-30,

Today's Hint (from 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Onesies article features our exclusive & designed by One Step Ahead Onesie Extenders. "

"If only I had known about the five ways to extend the life of onesies that I’ve learned since and that make up today's hint"

1. Make them last with onesie extenders. You can buy, or make, a piece of fabric with snaps that extends the snap crotch of a onesie so your tot can wear it longer, assuming the onesie's chest and arms still fit. One Step Ahead offers nifty fixes like this..."

Get Organized for Back to School on FOX in Philly|WTXF-TV. Real Mom Media owner, Joey Fortman, showcases her top picks for Getting Organized for Back to School, including our Bubi Scrunchable Water Bottle, Preschool Backpack, My First Backpack & Soft Insulated Lunchpail.

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6 Perfectly-Sized Backpacks For Preschoolers. features our exclusive Preschool Backpacks. "In every direction you look there are back-to-school ads for everything from pencils to iPads. While preschoolers don't need as much, they definitely have their own list. At the top - their first backpack!... This bag offers six compartments, including one that's leak-proof! It's designed for ages three and up with ample padding in the shoulders."

Today's Hint (from 7 Budget-Friendly Toy Storage Options. 6. Soft-sided toy boxes. I've always been a fan of soft sided, i.e. collapsible canvas, toy boxes (like this one from OneStepAhead or this cheaper one from Ikea). The sides of such boxes are often held together with Velcro, and the lids aren't heavy, so if your kid decides to hide inside of it, you don't have to worry that he or she will get trapped. Plus, they're light and easily moveable.

Stop those annoying bug bites. Our friend, Tracy, at HavingFunSaving reviewed our Bug Smarties collection. "Basically you get to have your insect protection and fashion, too! The clothes are soft, stylish, and keeps bugs away. Thanks to Insect Shield(r) bug repellent technology, it protects against mosquitoes, ticks, and more. You can't tell it's there, but the bugs can! The repellent is bonded to the fabric fibers and lasts through 70 washes, the expected lifetime of a garment...Sadie always seems to get bit by her ears and on her forehead - with the OneStepAhead Bug Smarties headband she DIDN'T! I loved not having to spray her constantly with bug repellent while we were enjoying our camping trip..."

Lessen Your Poolside Stress With Swim Vests. HintMama recommends "...consider outfitting your little rookie swimmer in a swim jacket or floatsuit, modern alternatives to old-fashioned arm floaties... companies and brands offering similar products include One Step Ahead...

New Bug Smarties apparel offers protection against bugs and insects. "?When our hoodies arrived, we expected them to be stiff from use of the bug repellant, but found them instead, to be incredibly soft at 100 percent cotton. The hem also drops below the waistline, offering extra coverage around the waist, and a pocket across the front provides convenient room for storage or a place to put both hands. To top it off, they were effective at keeping mosquitoes away from my kids, although bug spray was still needed for exposed areas?"

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Mommy blogger back to school challenge. RealMomMedia, owner, Joey Fortman, guests on FOX 29 News Philadelphia|WTXF-TV and showcases some recommended back to school picks, including our One Step Ahead Lunch Boxes, Scrunchable Waterbottles and My First Backpacks on site.

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Big Smarties Mom Review from The Mommyhood Chronicles "?Around this neck of the woods, we get a lot of bugs. I constantly see bugs in all areas of my backyard! This is why I was excited to learn that One Step Ahead has a new Bug Smarties clothing line for extra protection against all those little critters. The clothes have a protected insect shield and are repellant apparel. It is effective against ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. This clothing line is tested and proven, and includes the latest technology to ward against all the peaks?"

Baby Blocks That Rock: 14 Sets for Little Learners article features our exclusive Sensory Blocks. "Your babe may only have milk on the brain, but her days of non-stop play will be here before you know it. Prepare for it with blocks that sharpen his or her senses from the get-go..."

"His fascination with the cat's tail and his older brother's hair (ouch!) tells you he's got a thing for texture. Redirect his attention to cubes covered in embroidery, applique and mirrors. Available at, $29.95."

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Mommy Blogger Review: Pacifier Weaning System. "This revolutionary weaning system is brilliant and makes total sense - AND it has been proven to work in as few as five days. Guess what, ladies and gentlemen? It worked even faster than that for me! And not for just my 3-year old, but for my 1-year old as well!..."

"... HOLY SMOKES... was this really, really working? Could this be real? Did I just wean my 1-year old off of her binky in just 3 days? Well, yes. Yes I had!..."

"...I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who has a little one struggling with a pacifier 'addiction'. I was skeptical and I am a true believer!"

View on Ahh-Mazing Reviews

Mommy Blogger Review: Prespoon "The PreSpoon cannot be held incorrectly - however your little one grasps it is the right way. It has a large, bulbous handle that even the smallest of hands can grasp on to. The bottom of it looks a bit like a pogo stick to me, but the way in which it works is ingenious...All your little one has to do is a basic dunking motion and then lead the bottom to their mouth. Voila!..."

View on Ahh-Mazing Reviews

Educational Toys for Kids. Who says back-to-school is only about books, tests and studying? Help your kids ease back into the school year - and have fun - with these new educational toys! (Long Island Parent Talk Blog)

Smithsonian Kid's Animal Toy and Alphabet Board: A learning safari, which teaches letters, phonics, spelling, animal names and more. ($34.95;

My First Touch 'n Feel Flash Cards: Colorful cards featuring different textures. With 16 cards per set, you can choose from first words, farm, things that go and colors and shapes. ($12.95 each;

Safe Haven: Secure your space with these childproofing essentials. Pregnancy & Newborn's Spring Registry Guide features our One Step Ahead Stylish and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Safety Gate. "Once your little one starts crawling, you'll want to keep him away from danger by installing safety gates in doorframes and at the top and bottom of your staircase."

Lifesavers: Stock up on these wellness essentials. Pregnancy & Newborn's Spring Registry Guide showcases our One Step Ahead Cleaning Supply Safe.

10 Cool Products That Make Summer Travel Easier.'s slideshow features our 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier. "The 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier is made of saltwater and chlorine-resistant fabric that straps on securely, so you can easily wear your child into the ocean or pool. It can also be used as a portable strap-on high chair, or a safety seat for shopping carts, and it's just as comfortable on dry land as in the water. $80,"

Beat the Heat. The DailyBuzz recommends our Sun Smarties 2014 collection to help keep kids protected from the sun and looking cute!

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31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want: com features our 2-In-1 Portable Potty & Trainer Seat. "Whether they're teething or in grade school, an ingenious invention will make your life so much easier?This portable potty is not only great for long car rides, but it doubles as a training seat?"

California Dreamin'! Pregnancy & Newborn's retro tot "mod squad" features top picks for summer on the coast, including our exclusive Sun Smarties Boys' long-sleeve swim shirt in sailboat and Turtle swim trunks.

Beach and Pool Essentials For The Family. WGN Chicago’s Midday Fix (6/23/14) features Chicago Bump Club Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk’s recommendations for top summer essentials, including our exclusive Sand Away Beach Sheet.

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Easy Ways to Protect Baby from the Sun from showcases our exclusive Surf Socks.
“With the rest of his skin to worry about, it's easy to forget those little feet when it comes to sun protection. If your baby kicks off shoes or balks at sandals, try Surf Socks from One Step Ahead. They feature a non-slip sole and toe cap and there is UPF 50 in the fabric. ($10)”

How To Potty Train In A Week.'s helpful resource features our Tinkle Targets to help little boys with potty training. "Make it more fun by giving him things to aim at like bright Fruit Loops or Tinkle Targets. In no time, your son will be standing and peeing on his own (phew, since public facilities are so germy)."

Protect Kids in Style. reviews our Sun Smarties 2014 collection. "?Sun Smarties Apparel provides excellent UPF 50+ protection, blocking more than 97.5% of UV rays. The collection doesn't skimp on style because it's providing protection; rather, the bathing suits are fun, bright and will appeal to littles and their parents. The bathing suits are lightweight and easy to wear and are also quick drying?"

Toddler Feeding Throwdown: recommended our exclusive JuicePal, Snack Buddy and Toddler Bibs as preferred product picks for toddler eats. "Pictured are a couple must-haves that simply make life easier. The Juice Pal Insulated Juice Box, Happy Baby Bibs, and the Spill Proof Snack Buddy. All of these are found at One Step Ahead . Of course, there are many products similar to these, but you can't go wrong with the price and practicality. I could easily feature some fancy bibs and reusable snack bags, but most of the time, I don't find them realistic?"'s "Ways to Save Money on Baby Items" post features clever tips, tricks and product picks such as our exclusive Onesie Extenders. "?extend the life of baby clothes: If your baby gets too long for his onesies but they still fit him weight-wise, these onesie extenders from One Step Ahead will give them new life. Cut the feet off of footed pajamas that get too short. Cut up outgrown shirts or onesies to use as burp cloths or washcloths?"

Navigating Nursing Wear. TheBabyGuygearGuide post features our Shower Hug Nursing Bra. "?I was excited to find this bra! In the past, I have struggled with the pain caused by shower water hitting my tender breasts?I wish I would have known this product existed. I think it's well worth the $30 and look forward to pain free showers while nursing!"

Beach Time!'s Beach Towels That Turn Into Bags post featured our Sun Smarties Beach Towel in a Bag. "From OneStepAhead, the Sun Smarties Beach Towel in a Bag is ideal for elementary school-age kids and is priced around $20. It is made from a thick beach towel that folds into a small 12" x 12" tote with a carrying strap. The beach towel bag comes in both floral or shark patterns and can be personalized for an additional $6. Another cool feature of this bag is the tuck-over flap that can be used over a lounge chair."

Seven Bathroom Products That Make a Parent's Life Easier: Meagan Francis features our Canvas Clothes Sorting Hamper and Shampoo Rinse Cup on
"When my kids bring down the dirty clothes from their bathroom, it really helps the towels sorted out into a separate hamper. That's why I love this sorting hamper from One Step Ahead: it separates clothes from wet towels (or however you want stuff sorted) and you can even label it so that little ones know what goes where."

"OWWW - YOU GOT SHAMPOO! IN! MY! EYEEES!" I've dealt with this kind of freak out at least 400 times since becoming a mom, and it never gets easier to handle the shrieks echoing off the shower walls. That's why I love this clever shampoo-rinsing pitcher from One Step Ahead. It makes rinsing easy, tear-free for kids?and stress-free for mom or dad."

The's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014 features our exclusive Safety Helper as a recommended "time saver." Perfect gift for an occasion like Mother's Day would be a Kitchen Helper, a specially designed standing platform that ensures that your child is raised up close to an adult's height and at the same time safe from falls and removed from dangerous objects (by ensuring enough distance away from them)?Made out of sturdy hardwood, in two colors to match your kitchen, it is the only folding safety tower on the market. By using an adjustable grow with me platform, you will be sure that your child won't grow out of "helping you" any time soon."

Discoveries The June issue of Colorado Country Life magazine features our exclusive Kids Travel Organizer. "Kids require a slew of necessities on a long road trip. The One Step Ahead Kids Travel Organizer keeps those things in order. Sturdy and steady, the Kids Travel Organizer has nine compartments to hold books, toys, snacks, drinks and more?"

Best Bags for Your Pool or Beach ay. The Chicago Tribune features our exclusive (and designed by us) Family Beach Bag.

"If a lazy day at the pool means a stressful morning shoving a few towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, pool toys, magazines and snacks into an overstuffed bag, it may be time for a new bag. These bags are designed specifically to hold all that stuff and more?"
br/> This will keep everything organized via the 10 separate compartments, pouch for damp items, key ring and water bottle holder. It's large enough to store four beach towels, clothing and everything else you'll need for the day outside, and the compartments make it easy to find everything quickly. The bag is water resistant and has a zippered top. It can also be personalized. $19.95 at"

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Surf's Up! Best Gear for Baby's First Beach Trip. "Give your little beach bum refuge from the rays with the Sun Smarties Infant Cabana. The UPF 50+ fabric will keep her safe while she plays and naps. Bonus: This lightweight folds flat and pops open in seconds?easily, we swear!"

Onesies That Wow You With Tricks! RedTricycle recommends our Onesie Extenders as "good for growth spurts."

"Babies are good at growing out of their clothes super fast. These onesie extender packs are as much life savers as they are money savers. Adding one to a too small onesie can get you some extra mileage out of barely worn clothes."

Summer Guide! NYMetroParents' June Summer Guide features 17 best activities for lazy summer Sundays and recommends our Waterproof Outside Blanket.

Keep an old sheet or, better yet, a large blanket with a water-resistant bottom, on hand—in your car trunk or near your home's door—for impromptu lounge sessions on the grass. We love this blanket from One Step Ahead!"

125 Reasons to Get Outside Guide features our Outdoor Waterproof Blanket as a "make a blanket statement." "Our favorite family picnic spread: This blanket from One Step Ahead folds into a compact shoulder-strap tote, has corner loops for staking and a waterproof bottom and is machine-washable!"

Look Ma, No Screen: 15 Tricks for Your Summer Road Trip article from RedTricycle features our car organizers.
"In the never-ending battle between parents and screen time, the family road trip may be the most daunting. Rally the troops with these diversionary tips that entertain and engage kiddos, upping the family fun quotient and leaving the screens behind. Victory is yours!?"

Keep them organized. Give the kidlets control over what comes next and when, with their own travel table or organizer.One Step Ahead has trays, hanging organizers and stations to keep the peace in ?no man?s land? that we just love. Or improvise with baking trays and a little creativity!?"

Mom Gear. McClatchy Tribune Mom-review section features our exclusive Sun Smarties Pink Stripe Terry Coverups.“Moms may be interested in the airy, oversized covers-up offered by One Step Ahead that can help protect their kids from the sun after a trip to the pool or the beach. Made of UV-blocking terrycloth, these cover-ups are breathable, soft on the skin and dry fast. According to the tag, anything rated as 40-50+ blocks at least 97.5 percent of UV rays and provides "excellent" protection, which speaks volumes about this UPF 50+ cover-up?”

Water Babies: ParentMap lists their Favorite Swim Gear For Little Tykes, including our:

Sun Smarties Zip Suits: “Kids can’t wait to get into the sun and water, but swimsuits and sunscreen take time to put on. Stretchy and lightweight, this suit features instant 50+ UPF protection and a zipper that runs from neck to belly (with leg snaps on sizes 24 months and under), so you can hit the pool or beach in no time!”

Sun Smatries Sunglasses: “You’ll feel cooler than Corey Hart wearing his sunglasses at night when you give your little rock star these rubber-frame shades. Made to withstand the rigors of childhood, they also include shatter- and impact-resistant lenses. Infant, toddler and child sizes available.”

MomTrends’ Gear Girl: Sun Smart Clothing for the Family features our exclusive Sun Smarties collections. “Sunscreen is important, but you can add an extra layer of SPF protection for you and your kids with these sun smart clothing options that are constructed out of fabric with built-in SPF ? note that on fabric it’s called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Check out some of our favorite UPF looks from One Step Ahead. One Step Ahead’s SunSmarties line has cute mix-and-match separates and one-piece options for kids from 6 months to 5T, all of them with UPF 50?”

The AsTheyGrowUp blog checks out our Bug Smarties collection! reviews our girls’ Bug Smarties collection. “I will say that the clothes were stylish, and best of all, when she went outside, even to the back of our lot where mosquitoes are worst, they seemed to leave her alone for the most part. I am definitely impressed and have to say that for younger kids, these clothes are a must! The prices are reasonable and for the protection that they provide, I wish I had these when my kids were even younger than they are now!”

Have More Fun This Summer With Sun Smarties By One Step Ahead. "Once again, One Step Ahead does not leave our household disappointed. Their designs are adorable and timeless and the quality of their products lets us know that they know exactly what kids are about. My kids are harsh on things, and these bathing suits can definitely keep up."

One Step Ahead and Insect Shield Repellent Technology Launch Kids' Insect Repellent Playwear Line: Kids Stay Protected from Bugs This Summer with This Lightweight, Odorless Apparel Line.
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