Ulti-Mite Twin Umbrella Stroller

This item is currently not available.

We combined the ease and affordability of a double umbrella stroller with the quality and luxury of a high-end twin stroller! Our sturdy, zippy, double stroller features a wider seat, reclining seatback, and removable parent's tray. Plus, we gave it large, all-terrain wheels for maneuverability and raised the parent's handles for more comfortable pushing. And we upgraded from the three-point harnesses found on many umbrella strollers to safer, more secure, five-point harnesses. Great for travel, with a one-hand fold and handy carry strap. Weighs 22 lbs.; each seat supports up to 45 lbs.(that's 5 lbs. more than many others). Imported. Designed by OneStepAhead!

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