HALO Big Kids Toddler SleepSack


Is your toddler always kicking off the blankets? Outgrowing your beloved baby SleepSack ®? Our walk-in-me SleepSack ® is just for big kids, with foot holes for safe walking. Much like HALO's original infant SleepSack ®, only designed to give toddlers mobility. Its breathable, moisture-wicking microfleece keeps kids warm, but prevents overheating. Fun to wear while relaxing at night; eliminates chilly morning "brrrs." Sleeveless wearable blanket features a full zipper, stretchy ankle cuffs, and darling appliqués. Layer pajamas underneath. Machine wash. Imported. A OneStepAhead Exclusive!

Age2-3 yrs.4-5 yrs.
Weight25-40 lbs.30-50 lbs.

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