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Cozy Cub Collection review on the Daily Buzz Mom-Approved nationally syndicated segment.

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12 Halloween Costumes That Morph to Year-Round Dress-Up. Working Mother Magazine Online recommends our Cuddly Lion, Charmed Witch + Broom, Roscoe the Robot and Dorothy and Toto costumes. "It's that time of year again, when all kid and mom attention veers toward the all-important Halloween garb. If you don't think you're crafty enough to tackle a DIY project to turn your wee one into an elf, fairy or pumpkin--or your child has outgrown the ghost-from-an-old-sheet trick--you're in luck. Adorable pre-made costumes with staying power abound…"

Oink oink: Squiggly Piggly costume review from our friends at "Most parents have heard of One Step Ahead. It is basically the mecca of super innovative, super cool kid and baby items. If you have a need, One Step Ahead most likely carries a product that is the solution. Halloween costumes are no exception!…

…This pig costume really could not be any more adorable…My daughter gets super excited every time that I put this costume on her and seems as though she could wear it for hours...Ready to shout "hallelujah", parents? Getting a wiggly kid into a tight fitting costume can make you look like you just did a one-hour hot yoga class. Not the case here! The wide opening in the back of the body piece makes getting it on very simple, but the best part is that this entire costume stays on thanks to velcro closures! Did you read that? NO…SNAPS! Can I get an amen?!…" Halloween review and giveaway. "...I've been a fan of One Step Ahead for several years, and always look forward to their Halloween catalogue (my now-six-year-old wore their Jr. Physician Costume for Halloween when she was two, and we still use the costume for dress-up play). I love that One Step Ahead's costumes are well made and comfortable, making them great for trick-or-treating but also a lasting part of your family's make-believe collection..."

Halloween Fun! Our friends at Having Fun Saving review of our Tower Princess costume. "...It has a velvet, lace-up bodice and flouncy hoop skirt, it is a vision of lace, gold, and pearls. I like the the lace-up bodice can easily be adjusted--in case she wants it looser...

...Sadie has never worn a wig before and I wasn't sure if she would like it or if it would bother her, but she loved it! It was very easy to put on and it actually stayed in place while she ran around the house and spun in her pretty dress to show it off to my husband and son...

...If you are looking for an adorable costume for Halloween, I strongly recommend the options that One Step Ahead has—they aren't the ones that you will see in the mass-market stores. It's FUN to have something super special for your little one..."

Halloween Review of our Darth Vader costume & accessories from our friends at "...While I know that One Step Ahead offers a ton of different things for kids of many different ages, I was unaware that they also had Halloween Costumes...

...When the costume arrived, I found that it was well constructed and I loved how it fit for my daughter, She loved the breathing device and how the whole costume came together to to make a perfect Darth Vader...

...There are so many cute costumes that One Step Ahead offers. Check them out and let me know what you you would pick for your kids..."

Bug Smarties review. Daily Mom claims, "It just got easier to keep your kids free from insect bites this summer. One Step Ahead has taken a revolutionary step with a new line of children's apparel and gear called Bug Smarties. These adorable clothes and accessories will keep your kids comfortable and give you the peace of mind that your children are safe from bugs..." 5-Star editor review of our Stay-Put Foam Booster. "At first this booster seat seems too basic to be of note. But once you get your hands on the Stay-Put, you realize its simplicity is its strength. The soft, comfy foam is contoured just enough to perfectly hold little fannies and thighs. As lightweight as the seat is, it's sturdy..." 4-Star editor review of our Folding Potty Seat With Handles. "This potty seat takes the ick factor out of using a public restroom with a potty-training child... The seat gives your child a clean surface to sit on and handles to hold for more stability. When your child is done, the potty seat folds flat and slips into a carrying case for easy storage and portability."

The Mommyhood Chronicles' Halloween Review. "I absolutely love One Step Ahead! They are my one stop shopping for everything for my kids..."

"The angel costume features a satin gown, shimmering wings, halo headband, and non-skid booties. This costume is ideal for babies 6-12 months! While this outfit is purely adorable, the best part is, is it is only $16! You can't beat that!"

"Your little lamb will look so precious (and stay so cozy!) in this storybook-perfect baby sheep costume. Wonderful quality: plushy on the outside, silky on the inside. Baby lamb jumpsuit is fleecy and soft, with a satiny tummy, jaunty bow, and stuffed tail, plus snap legs for easy diaper changes."

Keep Cozy this Season. Our friends at Having Fun Saving give our Cozy Cub collection a review. "I love One Step Ahead. They make clothes (and LOTS more) that are designed with kids and parents in mind... The first thing Sadie and I noticed was that the jacket was surprising light and soft. We both fully expected it to be heavy and bulky. In fact, Sadie calls it her "comfy" jacket... The pieces in the collection are loaded with clever design details and they are made for kid-friendly dressing..." "You may have seen women athletes wear similar ponytail hats; now our little ones can too! The One Step Ahead innovative sweater hat has a slit in back, so you can easily pull her ponytail through. No more poorly-fitting hats, no more styling our girls' hair around a hat! This one is also Machine washable...""

Look What Mom Found! Halloween Costumes from One Step Ahead. "Dorothy and Toto (in a basket) arrived and the costume was instantly put on. In fact it was worn all weekend... One Step Ahead has a wide selection of costumes and accessories of all kinds for kids of all ages. Find not just your child's must have costume but also grab a great treat bag that is just theirs for many years to come. These treat bags are plush, sturdy and festive for a fun Halloween season. They'll look forward to their bag every year even when the costumes changes..."

10 Darling Infant Costumes from One Step Ahead, from "One Step Ahead's slate of quality Halloween costumes are a step above what you'll find in Halloween superstores. Constructed of comfy fabrics like chenille, plush and velour, they're as cozy to wear as a baby's soft skin deserves..."

Be prepared. Pregnancy & Newborn's Fall Buyers Guide features our Large Smart Guard Medicine. Keep your bundle healthy and secure with the aid of these wellness and babyproofing musts.

The Best Back-To-School Products For Your Kids! Rachel's Haul on ULIVE Family Channel/Scripps Network Family showcases our exclusive Reusable Snack Bags as a top essential!

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How to Choose A Backpack.'s nifty video features our exclusive PreSchool Backpack.

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Summer Safety & Fun! Nashville Parent Magazine gives a shout out to our Bug Smarties collection! "Protect your little kids from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers and more with this innovative clothing line from One Step Ahead and Insect Shield. Tested, proven and EPA registered, items include headbands, hoodies, long sleeve crew necks and roll-up pants in sizes 2T — 8. The first of its kind, repellent is bonded to the fabric and will last through 70 washes."

14 Awesome Car Gadgets for Moms from "There are some pretty awesome gadgets on the market today with a specific goal: to make our lives on the road EASIER. (Hooray!)…

…No matter how hard I try, I can't get my daughter to stop putting her feet on the back of my seat. So instead of yelling and fighting every day, I've installed seat-back protectors! Now I don't have to cry over dirty leather seats every other day nor nag about keeping them clean!"

Clothing offers protection against bugs, insects: Bug Smarties. "One Step Ahead now offers insect repellent apparel, including long-sleeve hoodies, under the product name Bug Smarties. The garments use the insect repellent Permethrin to protect children against ants, chiggers, midges, flies, mosquitoes and ticks…When our hoodies arrived, we expected them to be stiff from use of the bug repellent, but found them instead to be incredibly soft at 100 percent cotton. The hem also drops below the waistline, offering extra coverage around the waist, and a pocket across the front provides convenient room for storage or a place to put both hands. To top it off, they were effective at keeping mosquitoes away from my kids, although bug spray was still needed for exposed areas."

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Our friends at review our cute Anna costume for Halloween!

Brilliant Brands Create Smart Parent Products featuring our exclusive Closet Organizer. To help parents stay organized and fashionable, while keeping their tots safe and clean, Celebrity Baby Trends brings you some of the smartest products around!

Days of the Week Closet Organizer - With school back in session, you can make your life as a parent easier while helping your little one become an independent dresser. Simply organize the upcoming week’s wardrobe in advance with this One Step Ahead Days of the Week Closet Organizer.

Gear that smooths the road for family travel! The Boston Globe showcases our, Toy Buddy Tether (designed by OSA). "Some families love to simplify and unplug on their summer adventures. Other families, like ours, embrace new toys and welcome any device or doodad that makes life easier. These gadgets and gear can help make your journeys safer, more convenient and more fun…"

"Little kids drop things - it's part of developing those motor skills - but those things don’t have to end up on the ground, especially in places where the Three-Second Rule is best not followed. One Step Ahead's Toy Buddy Tether will help keep your infant's favorite items from hitting the floor. The simple yet ingenious gizmo has a suction cup at one end for affixing to a table, high chair, or the back of an airline seat, for instance, and then two rubber straps with loops on the other end to which you can attach two toys using plastic links. Swap out the suction cup strap with another strap that can attach to a stroller or car seat. $14.95. 888-557-3851,"

Here's Looking At You Kid. Settle into new routines while keeping a mindful eye on your prize. Showcasing My First Keys.

17 Sweet Water Toys & Swim Essentials! "Do your kids love water play? H2-Oh, yeah! Whether you have a sprinkler dabbler or a bona fide pool shark, it's time to amp up summer fun with the right water toys and gear!

Fire Hose Nozzle Water Blaster: Play firefighter with this hose attachment that blasts water at varying pressures. A little spray if you want to get refreshed—a full-on stream if you want immediate heat rescue! Available online at, $9.95."

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Life's a Beach: 9 Nifty products for a Sandy Day. recommends our 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier and Sun Smarties Surf Shirts.

SnazzyBaby 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier: The 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier is designed to let you wear your child as you wade through the waves. It's saltwater- and chlorine-resistant and quick-drying, and it also functions as a portable strap-on high chair, making it a great multi-purpose travel item. $80,

Sun Smarties UV Swimwear: One souvenir you don't want to bring home from the beach? A sunburn. This silky UPF 50+ clothing is quick-drying and offers an extra layer of UV protection. It comes in long-sleeve and short-sleeve swim shirts for boys and girls, and a bodysuit for babies. $25-30,

Today's Hint (from 5 Ways to Extend the Life of Onesies article features our exclusive & designed by One Step Ahead Onesie Extenders. "


…If only I had known about the five ways to extend the life of onesies that I’ve learned since and that make up today's hint…


1. Make them last with onesie extenders. You can buy, or make, a piece of fabric with snaps that extends the snap crotch of a onesie so your tot can wear it longer, assuming the onesie's chest and arms still fit. One Step Ahead offers nifty fixes like this..."

Get Organized for Back to School on FOX in Philly|WTXF-TV. Real Mom Media owner, Joey Fortman, showcases her top picks for Getting Organized for Back to School, including our Bubi Scrunchable Water Bottle, Preschool Backpack, My First Backpack & Soft Insulated Lunchpail.

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6 Perfectly-Sized Backpacks For Preschoolers. features our exclusive Preschool Backpacks. "In every direction you look there are back-to-school ads for everything from pencils to iPads. While preschoolers don't need as much, they definitely have their own list. At the top - their first backpack!... This bag offers six compartments, including one that's leak-proof! It's designed for ages three and up with ample padding in the shoulders."

Today's Hint (from 7 Budget-Friendly Toy Storage Options. 6. Soft-sided toy boxes. I've always been a fan of soft sided, i.e. collapsible canvas, toy boxes (like this one from OneStepAhead or this cheaper one from Ikea). The sides of such boxes are often held together with Velcro, and the lids aren't heavy, so if your kid decides to hide inside of it, you don't have to worry that he or she will get trapped. Plus, they're light and easily moveable.

Stop those annoying bug bites. Our friend, Tracy, at HavingFunSaving reviewed our Bug Smarties collection. "Basically you get to have your insect protection and fashion, too! The clothes are soft, stylish, and keeps bugs away. Thanks to Insect Shield(r) bug repellent technology, it protects against mosquitoes, ticks, and more. You can't tell it's there, but the bugs can! The repellent is bonded to the fabric fibers and lasts through 70 washes, the expected lifetime of a garment...Sadie always seems to get bit by her ears and on her forehead - with the OneStepAhead Bug Smarties headband she DIDN'T! I loved not having to spray her constantly with bug repellent while we were enjoying our camping trip..."

Lessen Your Poolside Stress With Swim Vests. HintMama recommends "...consider outfitting your little rookie swimmer in a swim jacket or floatsuit, modern alternatives to old-fashioned arm floaties... companies and brands offering similar products include One Step Ahead...

New Bug Smarties apparel offers protection against bugs and insects. "…When our hoodies arrived, we expected them to be stiff from use of the bug repellant, but found them instead, to be incredibly soft at 100 percent cotton. The hem also drops below the waistline, offering extra coverage around the waist, and a pocket across the front provides convenient room for storage or a place to put both hands. To top it off, they were effective at keeping mosquitoes away from my kids, although bug spray was still needed for exposed areas…"


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Mommy blogger back to school challenge. RealMomMedia, owner, Joey Fortman, guests on FOX 29 News Philadelphia|WTXF-TV and showcases some recommended back to school picks, including our One Step Ahead Lunch Boxes, Scrunchable Waterbottles and My First Backpacks on site.


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Big Smarties Mom Review from The Mommyhood Chronicles "…Around this neck of the woods, we get a lot of bugs. I constantly see bugs in all areas of my backyard! This is why I was excited to learn that One Step Ahead has a new Bug Smarties clothing line for extra protection against all those little critters. The clothes have a protected insect shield and are repellant apparel. It is effective against ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges. This clothing line is tested and proven, and includes the latest technology to ward against all the peaks…"

Baby Blocks That Rock: 14 Sets for Little Learners article features our exclusive Sensory Blocks. "Your babe may only have milk on the brain, but her days of non-stop play will be here before you know it. Prepare for it with blocks that sharpen his or her senses from the get-go..."


"His fascination with the cat's tail and his older brother's hair (ouch!) tells you he's got a thing for texture. Redirect his attention to cubes covered in embroidery, applique and mirrors. Available at, $29.95."


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Mommy Blogger Review: Pacifier Weaning System. "This revolutionary weaning system is brilliant and makes total sense - AND it has been proven to work in as few as five days. Guess what, ladies and gentlemen? It worked even faster than that for me! And not for just my 3-year old, but for my 1-year old as well!..."


"... HOLY SMOKES... was this really, really working? Could this be real? Did I just wean my 1-year old off of her binky in just 3 days? Well, yes. Yes I had!..."


"...I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who has a little one struggling with a pacifier 'addiction'. I was skeptical and I am a true believer!"


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Mommy Blogger Review: Prespoon "The PreSpoon cannot be held incorrectly - however your little one grasps it is the right way. It has a large, bulbous handle that even the smallest of hands can grasp on to. The bottom of it looks a bit like a pogo stick to me, but the way in which it works is ingenious...All your little one has to do is a basic dunking motion and then lead the bottom to their mouth. Voila!..."


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Educational Toys for Kids. Who says back-to-school is only about books, tests and studying? Help your kids ease back into the school year - and have fun - with these new educational toys! (Long Island Parent Talk Blog)


Smithsonian Kid's Animal Toy and Alphabet Board: A learning safari, which teaches letters, phonics, spelling, animal names and more. ($34.95;


My First Touch 'n Feel Flash Cards: Colorful cards featuring different textures. With 16 cards per set, you can choose from first words, farm, things that go and colors and shapes. ($12.95 each;

Safe Haven: Secure your space with these childproofing essentials. Pregnancy & Newborn's Spring Registry Guide features our One Step Ahead Stylish and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Safety Gate. "Once your little one starts crawling, you'll want to keep him away from danger by installing safety gates in doorframes and at the top and bottom of your staircase."

Lifesavers: Stock up on these wellness essentials. Pregnancy & Newborn's Spring Registry Guide showcases our One Step Ahead Cleaning Supply Safe.

10 Cool Products That Make Summer Travel Easier.'s slideshow features our 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier. "The 4-in-1 Land & Water Baby Carrier is made of saltwater and chlorine-resistant fabric that straps on securely, so you can easily wear your child into the ocean or pool. It can also be used as a portable strap-on high chair, or a safety seat for shopping carts, and it's just as comfortable on dry land as in the water. $80,…"

Beat the Heat. The DailyBuzz recommends our Sun Smarties 2014 collection to help keep kids protected from the sun and looking cute!

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31 Products Every Parent Of A Growing Child Will Want: com features our 2-In-1 Portable Potty & Trainer Seat. "Whether they're teething or in grade school, an ingenious invention will make your life so much easier…This portable potty is not only great for long car rides, but it doubles as a training seat…"

California Dreamin'! Pregnancy & Newborn's retro tot "mod squad" features top picks for summer on the coast, including our exclusive Sun Smarties Boys' long-sleeve swim shirt in sailboat and Turtle swim trunks.

Beach and Pool Essentials For The Family. WGN Chicago’s Midday Fix (6/23/14) features Chicago Bump Club Founder, Lindsay Pinchuk’s recommendations for top summer essentials, including our exclusive Sand Away Beach Sheet.

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Easy Ways to Protect Baby from the Sun from showcases our exclusive Surf Socks.
“With the rest of his skin to worry about, it's easy to forget those little feet when it comes to sun protection. If your baby kicks off shoes or balks at sandals, try Surf Socks from One Step Ahead. They feature a non-slip sole and toe cap and there is UPF 50 in the fabric. ($10)”

How To Potty Train In A Week.'s helpful resource features our Tinkle Targets to help little boys with potty training. "Make it more fun by giving him things to aim at like bright Fruit Loops or Tinkle Targets. In no time, your son will be standing and peeing on his own (phew, since public facilities are so germy)."

Protect Kids in Style. reviews our Sun Smarties 2014 collection. "…Sun Smarties Apparel provides excellent UPF 50+ protection, blocking more than 97.5% of UV rays. The collection doesn't skimp on style because it's providing protection; rather, the bathing suits are fun, bright and will appeal to littles and their parents. The bathing suits are lightweight and easy to wear and are also quick drying…"

Toddler Feeding Throwdown: recommended our exclusive JuicePal, Snack Buddy and Toddler Bibs as preferred product picks for toddler eats. "Pictured are a couple must-haves that simply make life easier. The Juice Pal Insulated Juice Box, Happy Baby Bibs, and the Spill Proof Snack Buddy. All of these are found at One Step Ahead . Of course, there are many products similar to these, but you can't go wrong with the price and practicality. I could easily feature some fancy bibs and reusable snack bags, but most of the time, I don't find them realistic…"'s "Ways to Save Money on Baby Items" post features clever tips, tricks and product picks such as our exclusive Onesie Extenders. "…extend the life of baby clothes: If your baby gets too long for his onesies but they still fit him weight-wise, these onesie extenders from One Step Ahead will give them new life. Cut the feet off of footed pajamas that get too short. Cut up outgrown shirts or onesies to use as burp cloths or washcloths…"

Navigating Nursing Wear. TheBabyGuygearGuide post features our Shower Hug Nursing Bra. "…I was excited to find this bra! In the past, I have struggled with the pain caused by shower water hitting my tender breasts…I wish I would have known this product existed. I think it's well worth the $30 and look forward to pain free showers while nursing!"

Beach Time!'s Beach Towels That Turn Into Bags post featured our Sun Smarties Beach Towel in a Bag. "From OneStepAhead, the Sun Smarties Beach Towel in a Bag is ideal for elementary school-age kids and is priced around $20. It is made from a thick beach towel that folds into a small 12" x 12" tote with a carrying strap. The beach towel bag comes in both floral or shark patterns and can be personalized for an additional $6. Another cool feature of this bag is the tuck-over flap that can be used over a lounge chair."

Seven Bathroom Products That Make a Parent's Life Easier: Meagan Francis features our Canvas Clothes Sorting Hamper and Shampoo Rinse Cup on
"When my kids bring down the dirty clothes from their bathroom, it really helps the towels sorted out into a separate hamper. That's why I love this sorting hamper from One Step Ahead: it separates clothes from wet towels (or however you want stuff sorted) and you can even label it so that little ones know what goes where."

"OWWW - YOU GOT SHAMPOO! IN! MY! EYEEES!" I've dealt with this kind of freak out at least 400 times since becoming a mom, and it never gets easier to handle the shrieks echoing off the shower walls. That's why I love this clever shampoo-rinsing pitcher from One Step Ahead. It makes rinsing easy, tear-free for kids…and stress-free for mom or dad."

The's Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014 features our exclusive Safety Helper as a recommended "time saver." Perfect gift for an occasion like Mother's Day would be a Kitchen Helper, a specially designed standing platform that ensures that your child is raised up close to an adult's height and at the same time safe from falls and removed from dangerous objects (by ensuring enough distance away from them)…Made out of sturdy hardwood, in two colors to match your kitchen, it is the only folding safety tower on the market. By using an adjustable grow with me platform, you will be sure that your child won't grow out of "helping you" any time soon."

Discoveries The June issue of Colorado Country Life magazine features our exclusive Kids Travel Organizer. "Kids require a slew of necessities on a long road trip. The One Step Ahead Kids Travel Organizer keeps those things in order. Sturdy and steady, the Kids Travel Organizer has nine compartments to hold books, toys, snacks, drinks and more…"

Best Bags for Your Pool or Beach ay. The Chicago Tribune features our exclusive (and designed by us) Family Beach Bag.

"If a lazy day at the pool means a stressful morning shoving a few towels, sunglasses, sunscreen, pool toys, magazines and snacks into an overstuffed bag, it may be time for a new bag. These bags are designed specifically to hold all that stuff and more…"

This will keep everything organized via the 10 separate compartments, pouch for damp items, key ring and water bottle holder. It's large enough to store four beach towels, clothing and everything else you'll need for the day outside, and the compartments make it easy to find everything quickly. The bag is water resistant and has a zippered top. It can also be personalized. $19.95 at"

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Surf's Up! Best Gear for Baby's First Beach Trip. "Give your little beach bum refuge from the rays with the Sun Smarties Infant Cabana. The UPF 50+ fabric will keep her safe while she plays and naps. Bonus: This lightweight folds flat and pops open in seconds…easily, we swear!"

Onesies That Wow You With Tricks! RedTricycle recommends our Onesie Extenders as "good for growth spurts."

"Babies are good at growing out of their clothes super fast. These onesie extender packs are as much life savers as they are money savers. Adding one to a too small onesie can get you some extra mileage out of barely worn clothes."

Summer Guide! NYMetroParents' June Summer Guide features 17 best activities for lazy summer Sundays and recommends our Waterproof Outside Blanket.

Keep an old sheet or, better yet, a large blanket with a water-resistant bottom, on hand—in your car trunk or near your home's door—for impromptu lounge sessions on the grass. We love this blanket from One Step Ahead!"

125 Reasons to Get Outside Guide features our Outdoor Waterproof Blanket as a "make a blanket statement." "Our favorite family picnic spread: This blanket from One Step Ahead folds into a compact shoulder-strap tote, has corner loops for staking and a waterproof bottom and is machine-washable!"

Look Ma, No Screen: 15 Tricks for Your Summer Road Trip article from RedTricycle features our car organizers.
"In the never-ending battle between parents and screen time, the family road trip may be the most daunting. Rally the troops with these diversionary tips that entertain and engage kiddos, upping the family fun quotient and leaving the screens behind. Victory is yours!…"

Keep them organized. Give the kidlets control over what comes next and when, with their own travel table or organizer. One Step Ahead has trays, hanging organizers and stations to keep the peace in ?no man?s land? that we just love. Or improvise with baking trays and a little creativity!…"

Mom Gear. McClatchy Tribune Mom-review section features our exclusive Sun Smarties Pink Stripe Terry Coverups.“Moms may be interested in the airy, oversized covers-up offered by One Step Ahead that can help protect their kids from the sun after a trip to the pool or the beach. Made of UV-blocking terrycloth, these cover-ups are breathable, soft on the skin and dry fast. According to the tag, anything rated as 40-50+ blocks at least 97.5 percent of UV rays and provides "excellent" protection, which speaks volumes about this UPF 50+ cover-up?”

Water Babies: ParentMap lists their Favorite Swim Gear For Little Tykes, including our:
Sun Smarties Zip Suits: “Kids can’t wait to get into the sun and water, but swimsuits and sunscreen take time to put on. Stretchy and lightweight, this suit features instant 50+ UPF protection and a zipper that runs from neck to belly (with leg snaps on sizes 24 months and under), so you can hit the pool or beach in no time!”

Sun Smatries Sunglasses: “You’ll feel cooler than Corey Hart wearing his sunglasses at night when you give your little rock star these rubber-frame shades. Made to withstand the rigors of childhood, they also include shatter- and impact-resistant lenses. Infant, toddler and child sizes available.”

MomTrends’ Gear Girl: Sun Smart Clothing for the Family features our exclusive Sun Smarties collections. “Sunscreen is important, but you can add an extra layer of SPF protection for you and your kids with these sun smart clothing options that are constructed out of fabric with built-in SPF ? note that on fabric it’s called UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Check out some of our favorite UPF looks from One Step Ahead. One Step Ahead’s SunSmarties line has cute mix-and-match separates and one-piece options for kids from 6 months to 5T, all of them with UPF 50?”

The AsTheyGrowUp blog checks out our Bug Smarties collection! reviews our girls’ Bug Smarties collection. “I will say that the clothes were stylish, and best of all, when she went outside, even to the back of our lot where mosquitoes are worst, they seemed to leave her alone for the most part. I am definitely impressed and have to say that for younger kids, these clothes are a must! The prices are reasonable and for the protection that they provide, I wish I had these when my kids were even younger than they are now!”

Have More Fun This Summer With Sun Smarties By One Step Ahead. "Once again, One Step Ahead does not leave our household disappointed. Their designs are adorable and timeless and the quality of their products lets us know that they know exactly what kids are about. My kids are harsh on things, and these bathing suits can definitely keep up."

One Step Ahead and Insect Shield Repellent Technology Launch Kids' Insect Repellent Playwear Line: Kids Stay Protected from Bugs This Summer with This Lightweight, Odorless Apparel Line.
See full press release

American Baby's (November 2013) Best Toys of the Year issue features our exclusive (and designed by OSA!) Musical Shape Sorter Ball & Crawling Toy. "We turned to babies to officially "test" the 100+ playthings that came across our desk this year. The result: these 15 engaging finds you can be sure your sweetie will drool over."

CBS News This Morning (11/07/13) featured American Baby's Senior Lifestyle Editor, Jessica Hartshorn, showcasing the magazine's Top 5 Baby Toys of 2013, including our exclusive One Step Ahead Musical Shape Sorter Ball. Watch the clip to find out why their baby testers loved it.

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Also online at "Our baby models all wanted this Musical Shape Sorter Ball and Crawling Toy. The blocks inside make a racket as it rolls, enticing kids to give chase. (from 6 months, $20;"

Safety First. Pregnancy & Newborn's 2013 Fall Buyer's Guide features our exclusive Clear Advantage Safety Gate. "A Safe home allows tiny adventurers to explore at ease. Be sure to install gates at the tops and bottoms of every staircase in your home, as well as at doorways you'd rather your wee one not cross unattended. Features: One Step Ahead transparent safety gate available at"'s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide "Baby Toys" section features our One Step Ahead Classic Wood Beads.

Our exclusive Less Mess Finger Paint Set was showcased as part of the Windy City Live (WLS-TV) Bump Club Chicago Holiday Gift Guide on 12/06/13. The item was featured as one of the top 2 recommended "Best All Around Toys" for 2013.

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Also seen in: "Favorite Toys of 2013" section in the Chicago Bump Club Holiday Gift Guide.

Pregnancy & Newborn's "Haute Tots" section (June 2013) showcases our Sun Smarties Girls' Ruffle Suit (top and bottoms) as "Splashworthy Swimwear for Tots" this summer!

Have to Go on the Go? The "Have a Peaceful Roadtrip" article in Parents (June 2013) features our Portable Travel Potty as a solution. "One Step Ahead's 2-in-1 trainer seat fits on most toilets or acts as a portable potty for times when there's no rest stop in sight…"

American Baby "Bests" for Baby's 1st Summer article (May 2013) showcases our exclusive Sun Smarties Boys Swim Trunks (board style) as a top "itsy-bitsy swimsuit!" "Sun Smarties are made of UPF 50+ fabric and lined with a reusable swim diaper."

Pregnancy & Newborn's "Road Trip" piece (May 2013) touts our exclusive Child's Reclining Bike Seat for happy trails. "Safety is my top priority, so I was reassured to hear that the One Step Ahead Reclining Child's Bike Seat is one of the few to be safety-crash tested…"

Stock Your Beach Bag! Baby & Toddler (Spring/Summer) recommends our exclusive Sun White Sun Hat. "We can't resist gear that's both functional and adorable, and this hat is it. The wide-brimmed UPF 50+ Sun Smarties Kids' White Sun Hat is sturdy enough to shield your little one's complexion in or out of the water, and is also machine washable…"

The Bump Club Twin Cities' Katie Blozis guests on Twin Cities Live (06/04/13) and shows off our exclusive Sand Away Beach Bag as a top Summer Travel Essential. "When you travel with kids it's quite the production. You pack up the car full with all of their stuff to keep them entertained and occupied. But you can simplify the road trip with what she calls these "Kid Travel Essentials!"

Tech Guru & Innovation Insider Steve Greenberg visits WFAA ABC Dallas TV (5/7/2013) and shows some of the latest and greatest bathroom gadgets, including our Turtle Faucet Cover.

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Tori Springer, creator of Simply-Simplify, appeared on KTLA-TV Morning News (01/20/13) and showcased some great products to help get organized for 2013, including our exclusive Art Portfolio.

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Lighten Your Load: Top Travel Gear Must-Haves.'s "Top Baby Gear That Packs a Punch" article features our Sit Seat, Ride-on Suitcase and exclusive Inflatable Bed Rails. "… Besides the burden of having to haul your kids and a mountain of "essentials" during the busiest travel time of the year, there are all the extra fees for carry ons and checked bags to consider…Fortunately, we've rounded up the lightest, most packable travel gear that will ensure you're covered for any on-the-go emergency…"

Sit Seat: "If you're traveling en air with baby in your lap, don't even think about going without the sit seat. Perfect for harnasing baby to you during the flight, it will leave you hands free and ready for feeding and entertaining.."

Ride-On Suitcase: "A multiple-use travel solution your kids will love, this Ride On Suitcase is roomy enough for all their little essentials, and is a great way to haul kids during dashes across the terminal or just entertaining them during delays and layovers…"

Inflatable Bed Rail: "Most hotels have cribs and play yards, but bed bumpers are usually a no-go requiring extra bed rentals for toddlers. Be prepared for this small but important adjustment with inflatable bed bumpers from One Step Ahead. This is one item that packs up small, but offers lots of peace of mind." blogger, Meagan Francis, reviews our exclusive Flip-Down Art Easel and Desk for the holidays. "The easel is sturdy, versatile, and roomy, offering plenty of storage space for all her supplies. It includes a paper roll (perfect for her larger-scale drawings), a chalkboard, and a white board, paint cups, and five bins for storing markers, crayons, brushes and more. It also folds down into a desk in two steps. This is the kind of gift that achieves hand-me-down status."'s Holiday Gift Guide features our 2-in-1 Xylophone and iLol Tablet. "One Step Ahead has a variety of products perfect for holiday shopping and two that are being enjoyed here, that I'm sure your kiddo's would love happen to be the Xylophone Hammer Toy & Toy Tablet…"

The Holiday Gift Guide features our exclusive Touch Me Textured Baby Flash Cards, 2 in 1 Pounding Xylophone, Soft Toy Tool Box and iLol Tablet. "If you have kids in your life, you are probably familiar with One Step Ahead. If you aren't, you should be. They make quality, unique, innovative products for babies and kids…"'s Baby's First Road Trip piece featured our Travel Friends Pillow. "Check out the Travel Friends Pillow by One Step Ahead which offers padding for the back of the head as well as the sides. This pillow is especially great to have if your baby has torticollis since doctors may recommend adding support when in the carrier…"

Our friend, Amy Malin, Founder of LA-based TrueHeart Events, includes OSA in her Holiday Gift Guide (online and video) and showcases our new and exclusive iPad silicone case, Pizza and Cake Party Food Set, Toddler Keys, Shopping Cart and My First Learning Toy. "One of my favorite brands for kids toys and products is One Step Ahead. This company puts so much thought and care into their line of unique and creative toys. If your child is like my two year old son and loves to mimic whatever you're doing, then One Step Ahead has some great gift options that will help your lil cutie feel all grown up while learning and using their imagination…"

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The Long Island Newsday Online Holiday Gift Guide showcases One Step Ahead in their Gifts for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers Guide. The post features our 6-in-1 Toddler Music Band as the first pick: "This toy for musical tots allows little ones to explore the sounds of different instruments like the guitar, sax, tambourine, maraca and more."

The Long Island Newsday Online Gifts for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers Guide features our exclusive Touch-Me Textured Baby Flashcards. "These soft, animal-themed flash cards are perfect for stimulating the senses and keeping little hands busy. ($19.95;"

The Long Island Newsday Online Gifts for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers Guide features our exclusive Soft Tool Box. "This squeezable tool set is safe for babies and comes with seven soft tools that squeak and crinkle. ($24.95;"

The Long Island Newsday Online Gifts for Boys Guide features our Kids Durable Digital/Video Camera. "This durable camera is easy to use and allows kids to take their own photos and videos. ($59.95,"

Our friends at Real Mom Media showcase One Step Ahead in their Holiday Gift Guide. The post features our exclusive Reusable Shopping bag with Fruits & Vegetables, our iLol Tablet & our exclusive Musical Shape Sorter Ball.

Also shared on Real Mom Radio (95.7 Ben FM) in Philly. Listen online all throughout the month of December

12 Problem-Solving Childproofing Products from features our Bath Bumper, Medicine Lockbox, Gummy Crib Rail, Safety Gripper Doorstop & Kids Non-Skid Socks:

-Exclusive Bath Bumper: "Keep wriggly bathers from bonking their noggins in the tub with this bath bumper from One Step Ahead. $40…"

-Medicine Lockbox: "Locking up cleaning supplies is vital, but you may want that cabinet open for other items -- so this lockbox is the perfect solution."

-Gummy Crib Rail: "Teething tots love to gnaw on their crib rails, but this Gummy Crib Rail from One Step Ahead provides a cleaner, safer surface for budding biters."

-Safety Gripper Doorstop: "Ahh, it's the little things -- and this little gizmo keeps doors from slamming on tiny digits."

-Kids Non-Skid Socks: "Got hardwood floors? Make kids' careening around the house just a tiny bit safer with a two-pack of these no-skid socks."

StrollerTraffic's 2013 New Baby Checklist features our exclusive Tub Toy Organizing Hanging Bag as a top tub necessity for tots!

The August (2013) issue of Parents highlights our exclusive Sun Smarties Pop-Up Pool and Ball Pit in their Goody Bag section. "Cool off in a pool…Your small fry will have it made in the shade when she splashes in the Sun Smarties Pop-Up Pool and Ball Pit with its UPF 50+ canopy. In winter, bring it indoors and fill it with balls, sold separately…"

Allergy Shots: Bug Off! Allergic Living (June 2013) features our exclusive Kids Terry Coverups in their "Sun Smart" piece. "Cool Coverage: Kids will love Terry Coverups from One Step Ahead's Sun Smarties collection. Made of 80% cotton, the breathable hoodies provide UPF 50+ protection and tout itch-free softness. Names can be stitched on for a small charge. $24.95 at"'s "30 Totally Genius Products for Parents" post features our Kid's Shower Head Bath Toy. "The parenting market is cluttered with strange and unnecessary gadgets that parents think they need but really don't…But all of these products have made me stop and think, "Hm. Now that's smart." It's hard to find a bath toy that kids love and moms find really useful. This is it." highlights "7 Great Travel Beds for Babies & Kids," including our exclusive Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed. "Available in a toddler and kid size, this travel bed provides an extra comfortable place to sleep when beds are limited." features our PackIt Large Insulated Cooler Bag as part of their recommended "Family On The Go Picnic Essentials!"

Good-Bye Bath Time Tantrums! "8 Ways to Make Tub Time Fun" by (National & Chicago) showcases our Parents Magazine Bath Mits, Kids Shower Head Bath Toy, Kids Bath, Crayon & Marker Set, Kids Silly Squirt Bath Puppets, Sunken Treasures Pirate Bath Toy and Water Bugs Bath Toy. "Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a sea monster, mermaid or fish in the tub! These whimsical bath mitts that are part bath toy, part washcloth will encourage the "I do it myself kiddos" to lather up (maybe even wash behind their ears!) while inspiring all kinds of imaginative play."'s "36 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent" post features our Sippy Sure Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup & Snack & Play Portable Tray

Unique Baby Products You Didn't Know About! features our GoPod Portable Activity Center. "Unlike clunky saucers or bouncy seats, the Go Pod folds up, making it a fully portable play center. That makes it easy to pack and set up anywhere, meaning you'll no longer have to restrict your baby to her positioner or carrying seat when you aren't home." reviews our One Step Ahead Kids Safety Tower vs. Little Partners Inc Learning Tower. "All in all, both towers have their perks. If you have a large kitchen, have some extra money to spend, and want a tower that's more versatile and can hold two children, go with the Learning Tower. But if you have a smaller kitchen, need a tower you can fold up and store, and want to save some money, go for the Safety Tower."

Fabulous for Less!'s post on decorating a girl's room in blue & lavender features our white canvas Underbed Storage Boxes as a clever storage solution.

Birthday Gift Pick! Our friend and Bump Club Chicago President, Lindsay Pinchuk, visits ABC Chicago Mid-Day News, (03/05/13) with her top picks for the "Best Birthday Gift Items Under $30," including our exclusive and personalized Sun Smarties Coverups & Family Beach Bag. "We love anything personalized, and these embroidered items are amazing for summer birthdays! Not only will your kiddos think it's cool to have their name on their gift, but you will find them useful too!"
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TheShoppingMama reviews our Cozy Cub set. "…The versatile Cozy Cub Vest is a great option for winter into spring weather…I really like that it's not too thick, as adding bulk to a little person just adds headache in the winter. (Hello, super tight stroller straps!)… The Baby Stay-Put Fleece Hat with Earflaps ($12.95) is a cute fleece hat that keeps his head, ears and neck warm. Parents will appreciate the large velcro fastener under the neck and the cute details like the baseball cap style…" Pinterest

Organize All That Junk In Your Trunk with our exclusive car organizers. states "There are so many awesome qualities in the Family Travel Organizer. It's so large, and fits everything you may possibly want it to. The best part is that it is 100% secure…This backseat entertainment organizer is the king of all back of the seat organizers…One Step Ahead has a variety of different products on their website, aimed at featuring ingenious products for babies, toddlers and kids… "Pinterest

15 Great Gifts for Baby's 1st Birthday! features our exclusive Silly Surfer Remote as a top pick. "…This remote looks just like a real one and even lights up. The songs and sounds that it makes will keep Avery entertained. After getting her this, I'll no longer have to hide our real ones!"

Are We There Yet?'s Matt Villanos reports on the Best Toys for the Road, including our Magnetic Lap Art Board. Also featured in original Parenting/BabyTalk article.

Move Over Rubber Ducky! recommends our Kids' Shower Head & Bath Toy to help "kids' bath dreams come true!"

The Smart Money Issue of EDGE Magazine highlights "Smart Money Gifts With An Edge," including our Money Saving Piggy Bank. "Every deposit, no matter how small, is a financial decision with this Savvy Piggy Bank."

Travel & Leisure's Sarah Spagnolo guested on The Today Show just in time for Labor Day weekend travels (05/28/12). Her "8 Gadgets To Keep Kids Busy While Traveling" segment showcased our Travel Easel & Art Desk. "The top pops up to form a two-sided easel with whiteboard and chalkboard surfaces for doodling. An added bonus, the carrying case holds art supplies and it doubles as a sturdy travel desk!"

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Best Baby Toys of 2012. American Baby's 2012 Best Baby Toys Round-Up awarded our Ballyhoo as a top pick. Per usual, the magazine recruited little ones (and their parents) to test out more than 100 new playthings & 15 rose to the top, including our Ballyhoo! "I like that this is a quiet toy," says Katy Hildman, of Waukee, Iowa, who watched her 11-month-old, Kyla, take to it. "And that all its parts fit back together."

Also on

Make A Splash! Pregnancy & Newborn's "Haute Tots" section (July 2012) featured our exclusive Sun Smarties Sunglasses with Wrap. "Get baby beach-ready with smart and stylish essentials."

Going Green! Pregnancy & Newborn Fall 2012 Buyer's Guide highlighted our exclusive PeaPod Travel Bed (found @ One Step Ahead) in their "Gorgeously Green" section! "These enviable emeralds will be the talk of the town!"

Haute Tots! Our exclusive Onesie Extenders were included in Pregnancy & Newborn's "At Ease" article (September 2012). "Make one-pieces fit a little bit longer with an extender that adds extra length to too-short suits."

Barnyard Babies. The October 2012 issue of American Baby showcased our Little Piggie Bubble Suit in their "Critter Costumes for Barnyard Babies" section! "She'll hog the spotlight in this squeal-worthy bubble suit."

Our friends from ABC Chicago's 190 North "The Big Deal" paid us a visit on 10/14/12 to profile One Step Ahead and our Outlet Store.

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The Parenting Blog's "Ending the (Accidental) Family Bed" post (09/27/12) touted our exclusive Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed as a recommended "nest" that parents can keep under their bed and pull out in "emergencies" for little overnight guests who decide to come into the parents' bedroom in the middle of the night (instead of letting them sleep in the parents' bed).

Away We Go!'s Celebrity Moms & Babies Section featured our TrayKit in their piece: "15 Road Trip Essentials That Won't Have Kids Asking "Are We There Yet?" (08/06/12). "Keep your little traveler entertained and safe with these car-friendly gadgets, toys and activities…The carryall, which doubles as an adorable backpack, even includes a foldout tray with raised edges (no more tumbling toys!), giving her plenty of room to play…"'s 11/23/12 Smart Product Pick showcased our Clothing Labeler. "When I was a kid and heading to sleep-away camp, my mom actually dropped my clothing off with a local seamstress to have the required labels sewn into every single item. Today, there's a much easier way to keep your kids' stuff from getting mixed up with his fellow classmates' and campers'—and it doesn't involve hours with an iron. Buy this handy custom clothing labeler ($20) from… it will last for between three and four thousand uses. (That should be more than enough to get through all your kids' clothes.)"

Our very own director, Jennifer Smith, appeared on the 12/18/12 WGN Mid-Day News to discuss Family Travel for the Holidays. She conveyed unique tips and exclusive product picks from One Step Ahead to help make traveling with youngsters over the holidays easier, less stressful and even fun!

The Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer's "Stocking Up On Cool Duds for Summer" article (05/23/12) featured our exclusive Sun Smarties Terry Coverups (blue stripe shown) & Sun Smarties Long Sleeve Rash Guard Suits (shark shown) in their Style & Taste section.

Keep It Clean. Time Out Chicago Kids recommended our exclusive Sling Bookshelf and our Boon Stuffed Animal Bag as top picks to help parents organize hard-to-store toys. (April/May 2012)

Oh, baby! It's cold outside! Bundle up, baby! Our friend, Hollie, from visited ABC Chicago to discuss tips to keeping children warm in the winter & featured our exclusive Grow-With-Me Snowpants. "Snow pants are a necessity for outside play in the winter. Since kids grow fast and most snow pants only last one season, look for ones that grow with your child…"

Holiday Gift Ideas! gives our Smooth Touch Tablet, Toy MP3 Player with Docking Station & Kids Digital Piano shout-outs in their "Best Tech Gadgets for Kids" piece. "One of the biggest trends this year for kids? Tech gadgets, specifically designed for the younger set. From tablets and hand-held games to educational devices and more, here's a list of new tech gear for kids."

Holiday Gift Picks. A-List Mom's Holiday Gift Guide featured our Kettler Aero Racer Go-Kart available at in their "Little Cruisers" section. "Whether you're singing fa-la-la, lighting Menorah candles or festing Kwanzaa, no holiday season would be complete without the coolest, most unique gifts for everyone on your list…"

Holiday Gift Picks.'s Holiday Gift Guide featured our exclusive junior Chef's Kitchen, Smooth Touch Play phone and Dyson Kids Toy Vacuum.

Exclusive Junior Chefs Kitchen:
"There's nothing cuter than watching a child "wash" and "cook" in her own pretend kitchen. It inspires creativity, sparks imagination, and who knows? You could be nurturing a future Top Chef winner. Give your kid the designer kitchen with top-notch appliances you, um, she will love. This one even has a breakfast bar and stools!"

Smooth Touch Play Phone: "It's hard to pry a smart phone from a kid's hands, but save yourself the grief of a cracked screen from your child flinging it across the room like a football, and get her an age-appropriate toy smart phone of her own — without the hefty service bill! This one has 21 touch-sensitive icons, sound effects, and four learning games."

Dyson Kids Toy Vacuum: "Parents, this is the gift that will keep on giving! Kids love to mimic adults when they're cleaning the house. And this present might establish good habits that will last into your child's teens? Well, one could hope. This pint-size version of the Dyson vacuum will convince your kid he is sucking up dust bunnies!"

The September 2012 issue of Golden Gate Mothers' "Back to Cool" article featured our exclusive Kids Coat Cubby. "Here is what's missing from your preschool-supply shopping list…They are learning to hang up & put away as school. Capitalize on that skill by putting a cubby at home too." Our Sun Smarties Long Sleeve Fish Baby Rash Guard-Style Swimsuit was their #1 pick for their Summer 2012 "Sun Protection For Kids" piece.

They also feature our Sun Smarties Basic Swim Diaper and Sun Smarties Boys Trunks. "This product exceeded my expectations. It has a very cute fish print and my 24-month-old daughter was excited to wear it and she seemed very comfortable. After a day in the sun, she did get some color on her legs (even with sunscreen), but the areas (without sunscreen) covered by the suit did not color."

They also give a shout out to our Sun Smarties Basic Swim Diaper. Additionally, our Sun Smarties Boys Trunks were featured as their #4 pick & in addition to the product info, the parent testimonial says "I love the soft fabric and how the elastic waistband is significant enough to keep the shorts on -- even on my very lanky son. The liner is also soft, which is nice, since my son has been bothered by it liners in other shorts."'s "Sun Protective Swimsuits for Babies & Kids" post recommended our Sun Smarties Stay-Put Swim Shoes & Sun Smarties Girl's A-Line Tankini Top. "The first step to keeping little feet safe on hot sand, rocky beaches and slippery pool and boat decks is making sure that kids' swim shoes actually stay on—and these do, thanks to their quick-grip anchor strap."

"This fun in the sun-safe tankini top is more than cute. It delivers double protection with UPF 50+ coverage when paired with an eco-friendly swim diaper that also protects against UVA and UVB rays. Plus the colorful fish and ruffle trim make it an adorable pick for a day at the beach."'s "Instant Money Savers" article recommended our Closet Clothes Dividers as a cost-effective solution to help arrange your child's closet by size.

Safety First.'s "Make Sure Baby Safety Products Are Really Safe" article featured our Plastic Outlet Covers.'s "Must-Have Beach Items for Kids & Families" article showcased our exclusive Sun Smarties Infant Cabana. "Any parent knows that taking a baby to the beach can turn into a disastrous situation if unprepared. The Sun Smarties Infant Cabana takes away most of the possible worries by providing ultimate protection from the sun as well as a safe place to nap."

Everything is fine and sandy!'s "Our Favorite Kids Links this Week" newsletter recommended our exclusive Sand-Away Beach Bag as one of "12 Finds to Pack in Your Beach Bag!" "Grains, grains, go away. The giant mesh tote keeps your gear in and sand out. When emptied, it folds into a self-contained pouch." (7/9/2012)

A Stroller Accessory You'll Fall For! DailyCandyKids Everywhere Edition (8/16/2012) featured our Hamster Bags. "The genius of these catchalls is that they attach to the stroller like saddlebags: one on each side. So the weight is evenly distributed (up to six pounds in each), and the stroller stays upright." recommended our exclusive Sun Smarties Pop-Up Cabana & Beach Tent in their article: "How to Bring Your Baby to the Beach: 19 Tips to Make It Easy (and Fun!)" "While it seems like a giant pain in the buns, if you have a wee one, get a pop-up tent. (Remember, the American Academy of Pediatrics, AAP, says that babies younger than 6 months should be out of direct sunlight)…An extra plus: Kids have been known to actually nap in there -- seriously!'s "8 Kids' Flooring Ideas" feature included our exclusive Natural Hardwood Foam Tiles. They touted the product — "This great soft tile not only protects a baby from falls, but it also protects your hardwood floors without sacrificing that clean, simple design you love."

Pregnancy & Newborn Online's real-life parent reviewer, Ashley, tested our exclusive Child's Reclining Bike Seat and loved it! "Safety was my top priority and I was reassured to hear that the seat is one of few to be safety-crash tested…One of my favorite features of this seat is its adaptability. The seat adjusts to fit children from 9 months to 5 years of age…"

StrollerTraffic's 2012 New Baby Checklist included our Kids Bathtub Toy Organizer and Drying Rack. The Checklist serves as a guide for expecting and new moms.

Our friend, Hollie Schultz, President & Founder of, visited ABC Chicago 11am News on January 31, 2012 to discuss Winter Baby Essentials. Her segment showcased our exclusive Grow-With-Me Snow Pants (pink & black).

Healthy Mom & Baby's "Extravagant Baby Shower" section included our exclusive Critter Hat & our Alphabet Soup Toy Box.

Real's "How To Save Money On Kids' Clothing" article recommended our exclusive Onesie Extenders as a cost-effective way to help prolong the life of clothes.

Our friend, Hollie Schultz, President & Founder of, visited WGN Mid-Day News on 05/22/12 and discussed the importance of childproofing and dedicated her segment to featuring only One Step Ahead product picks

OC Family Magazine's "Best Baby Finds" article (November 2012) features our exclusive Clear Advantage Safety Gate. "Clearly a top notch gate. Designed by One Step Ahead, the Clear Advantage Safety Gate blends with most any modern home décor. Its transparent panels free you from feeling boxed in… It looks elegant and goes perfectly with any wooden staircase…"'s "Top 10 Baby Gear Buys" piece featured our exclusive Peapod Travel Bed. "It's one of the few products that will accommodate all the younger members of the family and will ensure many nights of uninterrupted sleep."

Cribsie Award Finalist: Our Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket was chosen as a finalist in the Play category, for the 'Niftiest Bath Toy Organizer' award.

New Jersey Family Magazine's "Beach Bag Basics, Baby" article (July 2012) featured our exclusive Sand Away Beach Bag.

Time Out Chicago Kids Online (4/23/12) lists our TrayKit as one of their "Right Now, We Want" picks & One Step Ahead as purchase place! "Hit the road with a two-in-one, fold out travel case that keeps little globetrotters organized and entertained."

Little Jet-Setters! Our friend, Elina, featured our TrayKit & exclusive Inflatable Bed Rails as "Top Travel Picks That Are Sure To Inspire (And Entertain!) Your Little Travelers" on

Must-Have Baby Items for the Beach! Babble's Baby's First Year featured our exclusive Sun Smarties Infant Cabana Tent. "I want to keep Avery in the shade most of the time while we are at the beach and this little sun cabana is perfect for her. It allows her to still see what's going on outside, but keeps her protected inside."

Babble: At Home With The Happiest Mom. Meagan Francis (The Happiest Mom) recommends our exclusive Sorting Clothes Hamper as a top product pick that Helps Make Cleaning Up More Fun. "For the kid (or spouse) who needs visual cues, this double hamper shows them where to put whites and colors."

Babble Kids Scoop: 10 Storage Ideas for Your Kids' Stuffed Animals post recommended our Toy Pillow

Baby's First Halloween!'s "15 Cute Costume Ideas" article featured our Owl Costume. "Your lil one will be the cutest kid on the block in this owl Halloween costume…The head piece and non-skid booties make this outfit perfect for lil ones just starting to toddle around."

The "10 Halloween Totes That Are More Treat Than Trick" article on featured our exclusive Pumpkin Treat Bags.

10 Mom-Approved Tools for a Successful Homeschool! TLC's featured our exclusive Car Organizer & Chore Chart. "Despite that fact that the word "home" is in the word homeschool, we probably spend more time out and about than we do in our actual house. To make things easier for me and my kids, I keep our car stocked with plenty of educational things to do on our way to and from activities and trips. A car organizer, like the ones shown above, will help get your car cleaned up and ready for some on the road learning."

"Help your children be more than just book smart; let them be a productive and helpful member of the family. It's helpful for kids to have a visual reminder of what's expected of them, and will eliminate the need for your constant reminders. You can design your own, or save time and buy one that's already pre-made."

Our friend, Kate, at, reviewed our exclusive Candy Corn Treat Bag & personalized Monkey Costume. "I'm so happy to have found the awesome selection of Halloween costumes at One Step Ahead. They are affordable, cute, unique and can be personalized."'s "Best Halloween Costume Guide" featured One Step Ahead Costumes:

Best Halloween Costumes for Babies features our Owl.

Best Halloween Costumes for Little Boys features our Vampire.

Best Halloween Costumes for Little Girls features our Leopard.

Newsday/Kidsday's Halloween fashion show showcased One Step Ahead Halloween costumes. "The first grade students wore costumes from…"

Celebrity gossip expert, Perez Hilton's Children's Section, featured several Halloween costumes in their Halloween video roundup.'s "Ages & Stages' Easy Ways to Encourage Hand-Eye Coordination" article featured our Magnetic art Set. "Clicking magnetic pieces together to create a pattern or unique design is a fun way to pass the time on a long car ride and a great way to hone hand-eye coordination."

7 Best Choices for Your Child's First Utensils.'s Momformation blog recommended our Gripables 3-piece Cutlery Set.

Babble's Toddler Times Blog's "Back to the Basics: 12 Toddler Essentials" piece featured our exclusive Splat Mat. "No doubt about it: toddlers are messy eaters, especially when they're starting to master spoon skills. Splat mats are great for protecting your floors and keeping the kitchen clean … or as clean as you can expect with a toddler around!"'s "Newborn Essentials for Nursing & Feeding" featured the OXO Bottle Brushes available at One Step Ahead.'s "20 Gifts for a First Birthday Party" article featured B.Toys' Youniversity available at One Step Ahead.'s "Babyproofing Basics"round-up featured as recommended site for related products & resources

Babble's Toddler Times' "Top Bath Toy for Kids" post touted our Silly Squirty Bath Puppets. "What kid doesn't love puppets? These pals are special, made of soft cotton terry cloth for the bath. Watch out, though; they'll also squirt water!"

Is Your Car Organized?'s Momformation Blog featured our Travel Pal Car Seat Organizer, Backseat Entertainment Car Organizer (designed by us!), Car Floor TrashStand Litterbag, & Family Car Organizer.

The Baby Brain Chain. featured our Wood Baby Beads as a top pick re: how honing motor skills can aid in social growth.

Our friend & Gadget Guru, Steve Greenberg, stopped by the Today Show and showcased some of his favorite gadgets for the beach, including our exclusive Pop-Up Beach Tent (05/27/11)

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Consumer Reports' Shop Smart magazine's "Quick & Easy Shopping Guide" (Nov 2011) showcased 50 Fabulous Shopping Sites, including as Best Online Site for Kids & indicated "you're sure to discover essentials you didn't even know you needed!"

As a follow-up to their "Shopping Guide: Fabulous Shopping Sites" piece, one of the editors from Shop Smart guested on the Today Show and again touted One Step Ahead as a Best Web Site pick for babies & kids & a great place to find hard-to-find items (11/04/11). She also highlighted our in-house design team that creates exclusive items that help make us unique.

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The December/January issue of Parenting Early Years featured our Alphaberry (available at as one of the Top Toys of the Year 2011 for busy tots.

Also featured online: "…buttons, letters, and alphabet songs (including blues and country-western versions) will keep her entertained—and your own phone drool-free."

Parents' "Tips for Tidying" article (Sept 2011) showcased our exclusive Days of the Week Closet Organizer as a recommended solution to help keep kids' closets clean!

Also featured online: "Kids can dress themselves when outfits are neatly placed in the Days of the Week Closet Organizer. $30;

Parenting's "Digital Milestones for Kids" feature article showcased and our Alphaberry as a recommended alternative to "handing over your real smartphone to your 1-2 yr old!"'s "Hottest Holiday Gifts for Everyone: Adorable Baby Christmas Gift Ideas" included our Elemenosqueeze.

Also featured on:

Read All About It!'s "10 Tips for Playroom Organization" piece included our exclusive Sling Bookshelf as a top pick. "Lining up books on a shelf is tedious, and they usually end up in a messy pile ten minutes later anyway; instead, slot them into this sleek canvas rack. He'll easily find all his faves because the covers face forward -- and the handy bins below can hold blocks, cars, action figures, puzzles, whatever he can get his hands on."

USA Today Weekend's "Best New Toys of the Year Under $50" piece placement featured our Jungle Jam as the top pick.

Problem Solving Products! Real Simple Online's "6 Items to Simplify Your Life" included our Reusable Sandwich Wrap. "Lunch just got a little greener. This reusable wrapper not only keeps sandwiches fresh and protected, but it also doubles as a placemat once it's unwrapped."

Daily Email Pick! featured our Take It Easel and referenced our 20% off $100 or more promo. "…Hooray for families with two kids who can set this up in Grandma's house, and give each child a side to draw on when they start to get restless…"'s "Best Store-Bought Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers" round-up featured our Little Lion as Pick #1, Little Champion as Pick #5, Dragon as Pick #9, and Tulip Pixie as Pick # 14

Check Please!'s "How to Eat Out With Toddlers" article featured our Toppers To Go.

Safety First! The "9 Child-Proofing Must Haves" post on featured our Doorknob Lock as Pick #6.

Green Halloween! Our friend Hollie from guested on the NBC Chicago Morning News (10/16/2011) and showcased some favorite Halloween treats, including our exclusive treat bags.

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Top Holiday Gifts! touts our My First Ride On Train for "totally wow-ing" little train lovers and requiring no track.

Three Cheers! product pick post featured our Shampoo Rinse Cup (7/18/11) in their "Essential Kids Gear!" "A flexible rubber panel helps avoid bath time meltdowns by protecting eyes from soap and water while rinsing."

The OC Register Online's "Gift Ideas for Special Needs Kids, Teens" post featured our Triwrite Triangle Crayons and Fridge Phonics Fridge Set as the top two picks.

TheHappiestMom, Meagan Francis, showcased her Holiday Gift List & included our Toddler Kitchen.'s "Best Pool Gear for Babes & Tots" piece featured our 4-in-1 Land and Water Baby Carrier.

Designer Ginger Rodriquez (Alexandria, VA) was one of the featured designers in the Washington Post's "House Call" section where readers write in with design questions. She was given $8K to design a room & she helped design a family room area that included our Jr Lounger Foam Bean Bag Chair & Website.

Zebra Magazine: WestBay Interiors designer Ginger Rodriquez (Alexandria, VA) bedroom makeover piece for a special needs foster child, including our exclusive sling bookshelf & closet organization system.

Organized Innovations' "Organizing Children's Schoolwork" article (October 2011) featured our Kids Art Portfolio.

Macaroni Kid (Santa Monica, CA) Site & E-Newsletter featured a roduct review & giveaway of our Powder Pouch. (7/28/11)'s "Picks for Back to School" (08/15/11) video featured our Insulated Lunchbag.

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In response to a Journal of Pediatrics study, recommended our Insulated Lunchbags to help keep lunches cold.

Meal Makeover Moms, one of Babble's Top Mommy Food Bloggers, authored No Whine With Dinner Cookbook for Kids.'s "School Nap Mat" video segment included our Nap Mats.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2011. features our Big City Toy Garage & Car Wash, Bosch Toy Toolbox & Tool Set, Dyson Vacuum (with video review), Modern Wood Dollhouse with Furniture, Kids Desk Art Projector, Kids Interactive Talking Maps, and Cotoons Shape Sorter Toy House as top picks!

Toddlers/1 yr olds

Toddlers/3 yr olds


24/'s "Christmas Marathon" included our exclusive Christmas Advent Calendar and Christmas Stocking. (11/15/2011)'s "Making Baby Food At Home: Storage Solutions For Purees" post (11/16/11) featured our Fresh N Freeze Containers.

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