Choosing the Right Baby Mobile for Your Crib


One of the very first activities your newborn can enjoy is a mobile. During the first months of life, your infant will spend many hours in her crib. A strategically-placed mobile will soothe and entertain her, lulling her to sleep at night and amusing her when she first wakes.

More importantly, a well-designed mobile will actually stimulate baby's sight and hearing, encouraging visual tracking skills, sound recognition — even concentration!

How do you choose a mobile? You might pick one to complement your nursery décor. You might choose one specifically designed to enhance baby's sensory development. Either way, here are some characteristics to look for:

  1. Choose a mobile that is visually interesting. Because an infant's vision does not develop fully for several months, look for high-contrast shapes, colors, and patterns. A mobile that includes black and white objects is a plus, because newborns first see these colors most clearly.
  2. Look for quality construction, which translates to better sound quality and more complex motion. Some mobile mechanisms offer dual movement; the objects not only rotate, but jiggle up and down for added interest.
  3. Make sure the objects or characters are angled to baby's line of vision. A mobile will not be very intriguing to baby if all he can see is the bottom.
  4. We recommend mobiles with soothing classical music. (Brahms' Lullaby is a favorite.) For one thing, the calming melodies will help lull baby to sleep. For another, research indicates that classical music actually stimulates brain development.
  5. Need maximum soothing power? Some mobiles operate by remote control, so you can quietly activate it outside the nursery, without disturbing baby.
  6. Mobile
  7. Mobiles offer entertainment value that goes beyond the crib. You can find wall-mounted mobiles that keep baby from wiggling on the changing table and portable mobiles that keep little travelers amused.
  8. For greater longevity, consider a mobile that converts to stroller bar or other safe toy later.
  9. For safety's sake, always place your mobile out of baby's reach. Remove it as soon as baby begins sitting up (usually at around four or five months). If baby continues to love her mobile, suspend it from the ceiling.

One Step Ahead offers a wide range of mobiles. You'll find charming designer mobiles that coordinate perfectly with our handpicked nursery ensembles, plus revolutionary mobiles created by child psychologists and musicologists to enrich baby's development.

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