Baby B'air Toddler Flight Vest Travel Harness

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The safe way for baby to fly. You'd never travel by car with an unsecured baby on your lap, but it's standard procedure on airplanes! Yet sudden turbulence can cause you to lose your grip on your child. The answer: Baby B'Air, the only product that secures baby to your lap belt. Exceeds FAA standards, yet the quilted plush cotton vest feels like clothing. FAA-approved for the cruise portion of your flight, where turbulence most often occurs. (Not approved for taxi, takeoff, and landing.) Fits in your diaper bag for carrying ease. Machine washable. Order in advance to assure delivery before your trip. Made in the USA.

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Baby B'air Toddler Flight Vest Travel Harness

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  • 5 Star Review
  • Date: May 09, 2013
  • Reviewer: hln, 
  • orlando, fl
  • Great for large traveling babies!

  • I have a huge, close to 25 lb. 6 mo. old and he fit perfectly in this toddler size travel vest. I was impressed with the quality. It was super soft and not stiff at all. It was the best vest of all the ones I had researched and a great value.
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  • 4 Star Review
  • Date: January 21, 2013
  • Reviewer: MamaDof3, 
  • Land O' Lakes, FL
  • I like it

  • We used this on our 1 year old for 3 flights, & never did a flight attendant have an issue with the harness. I guess it depends on who you fly with... My son, like many babies/toddlers, was quite wiggly, but I decided to keep his safety in mind, & I either fed my seatbelt through the harness on the back, or through the strap that goes between his legs when he's facing towards me. My son was very comfortable, and the harness never bothered him. He did fall asleep on us for two of the flights, & I simply fed my seatbelt through the front strap for the vest. I felt much safer having him strapped to me. While airplane crashes & severe turbulance is rare, it does happen. I didn't want to my child to be found on the other side of the plane if, God forbid, something happened.
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  • 2 Star Review
  • Date: February 06, 2012
  • Reviewer: msyd, 
  • Alexandria, VA
  • not a fan

  • I understand the purpose behind it, but it isn't FAA approved, so we couldn't use it for take off and lading. During the flight, the baby wanted to sleep on my chest, so the device just didn't work for us.
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    • 2 of 2 people found this review helpful
  • 3 Star Review
  • Date: August 08, 2011
  • Reviewer: Mommyof3, 
  • New Jersey
  • Good Idea But Airline Wouldn't Allow it

  • I was so happy when I saw this on line. The airline let me use it during the flight to our destination. On the return trip home, a flight attendant approached me and asked how my daughter was attached to me. I showed him and he said absolutely not, infants cannot be attached in any way. When I told him there was no issue with the original flight we took, he told me that he noticed it and they probably didn't. So, check with the airline first. The concept is great and definitely gives you peace of mind, but if the airline won't let you use it there is no point in getting it.
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  • 1 Star Review
  • Date: May 24, 2011
  • Reviewer: First Flight with My 1 yr old, 
  • Charleston, WV
  • Seriously,,, Save your money.

  • I wish I would have saved my money. I put the harness on my son at the airpoirt before our flight. It fit him around the chest but it was to short to clasp between his legs. When we got on the plane I attached my seatbelt thru the harness.....That lasted about 2 minutes. He's one and a half years old. He's not gonna sit still. He wanted to turn around and face me and that is impossible with the way the harness is made. I am sure it's a great item and would keep your child safe if you were flying thru a hurricane and had crazy turbulance,,, but how often does that happen. I used the harness about 2 minutes.. I didn't even put it back on him for our other flights. Should have saved my money... It just wasn't necessary.
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