Help Fidgety Kids Focus

Help Fidgety Kids Focus

For All the Kids with Ants in their Pants!

They tap their feet. They play with their hair. They squirm and wiggle constantly. Lots of kids have more energy than they know what to do with. And sometimes it interferes with learning or behaving.

Wiggling Means "I Need to Move!"

Being told to "sit still" won't settle a fidgety child. However, more physical activity—sports, dancing, a game of tag—will. Our energy busters, like trampolines and play equipment, fulfill kids' need to move.

Channeled Fidgeting Helps Children Focus!

It seems counterintuitive, but letting fidgety kids move while they're learning has been proven to improve concentration. Vibrating pillows and wobble chairs are great focusing tools, because they let students fidget in a controlled way. In addition, fidget toys that provide sensory input—perhaps a simple, textured pencil grip?—can boost comprehension.

Building Core Strength Improves Kids Sitting Skills

Did you know some kids have trouble sitting for long periods because they lack core strength? So activities that build stability, like balance beams, can actually help kids sit more comfortably in class!

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Help Calm Fidgety Kids

Some kids have so much energy, it interferes with learning. If that's your worry, explore our solutions for settling fidgety children. See our parenting tips and energy busting toys. Discover focusing tools like wobble chairs that channel their wiggling so fidgety kids can focus and learn! Get Parenting Answers Here >

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Showing Products 1 - 7 of 7