Ease the Move to the Big Tub

Ease the Move To The Big Tub

First Stop: Child Proof Your Bathtub

Hard, slippery bathtubs are dangerous for everyone, but especially babies and toddlers who are still building their sense of balance. Browse our tub safety solutions for anti-slip bath mats, grab bars, bathtub bumpers, and faucet covers that help prevent bumps and bruises.

Second: Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

Some of the bath toys we've scoped out are so cool and fun, even kids who aren't big fans of bath time will relax and enjoy themselves. The bottom line is, if your child equates bath time with scooping, splashing, and having a blast, she won't miss her baby tub.

Last: Make Sure Your Child is Ready

To smooth the move, read our tips on easing the transition to the big kid bathtub. And if your child still has trouble adjusting, dive into our advice on beating the bath time blues. Find tips on baby proofing the bathroom, too.

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Ease the Move to the Big Tub

Outgrown the baby tub, but frightened of the big bathtub? We can help you ease your child's transition, starting with our bath time tips. Learn how to make the tub secure with bathroom safety solutions and discover bath toys no kid can resist. Get Parenting Answers Here >

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