Guardian Angel Window Guard

$59.95 - $119.95

Every year, more than 5,000 kids are hurt and even killed by falling out of windows, so window guards are a child safety essential. But most are designed to be permanently mounted, which can spell disaster in a fire when you need a quick escape. Like conventional window guards, Guardian Angel screw-mounts to your window frame for sturdy security. But unlike those, adults can also remove it easily when needed, thanks to quick-release buttons. Made of steel; withstands 150 lbs. of pressure. Taller than other brands, and the window bars are closer together. Works on single and double hung windows, as well as most sliding and casement windows. Choose Extra Small (fits windows 17"-23"W), Regular (fits windows 23"-35"W), Medium (fits windows 35"-58"W), or Large (fits windows 58"-90"W). Please measure your windows carefully before ordering. 15-minute assembly.

Extra Small #2I32043
Additional Delivery Charge: $2.54
Regular #2I32044
Additional Delivery Charge: $2.71
Medium #2I32045
Additional Delivery Charge: $4.95
Large #2I32046
Additional Delivery Charge: $4.95


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Guardian Angel Window Guard

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