My First Play Phone Smartphone

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It's hard to find toy smartphones for one year olds, but we did, and it's more fun than playing with Mommy and Daddy's! The toy phone's buttons are sized for chubby fingers; the volume is little-ear safe. It rings, lights-up, announces numbers, and even makes realistic "app" sounds. There's even a slide-action button, so kids can mimic your finger swipe move! With English/Spanish modes. Great travel and stroller toy. Batteries included. For ages 12 months and up.

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My First Play Phone Smartphone

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  • 4 Star Review
  • Date: May 13, 2013
  • Reviewer: DiscerningMommy, 
  • San Rafael, CA
  • Great Phone

  • This smartphone is a terrific find. My 8-month old son loves to grab our cell phones, remotes, and anything with buttons. Now we finally have something we can feel comfortable letting him fiddle with! As the description states, the buttons are a perfect size for little fingers, and are also easy to press, which is a plus I haven't always found in other toys. The phone has three modes: English, Spanish, and music. It also has a ringing and "end call" sound with a button that lights up. When you press the numbers in either language mode, the voices are very clear, and they are followed by a series of toots, rings, and other fun sounds that correspond to the number being pushed (e.g., two beeps for the number 2). The music mode makes really interesting sounds for each different button pushed. And, the volume is safe for little ones to have up next to their ears, while also being easy on parents that have to listen too. The only small cons I see so far are that the phone is a little bulky. If it were the tiniest bit slimmer in depth, it would be easier to grab. Also, if the phone were contoured a bit or had some kind of texture along the sides, little hands could surely hold on much better. Lastly, though the button images are great because they're printed directly into the plastic, the image under the slider controlling the language/music modes is just a sticker and has already suffered a bit from my son's saliva after putting it to his mouth. I'm sure we'll lose the sticker soon, and therefore wish it were printed into the plastic as with the button images. In all, we're very happy with this phone: it is well-made and offers great English-Spanish learning modes and fun high-quality sounds.
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